"Fuck tha Police" guy

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  1. I'm sittin in my room, and realize I've never actually listened to "Fuck tha Police" before, so I hop on youtube to hear it. At the very end, when the "judge" (whichever member of N.W.A that is, I'm not really familiar with their voices) sentences the "cop" or whatever to jail, he yells something along the lines of "fuck you, you black mother fuckers!".

    I'm extremely curious, who did the voice for that on the original record? Did they use a clip from a movie or something? Cuz I can't imagine how awkward that would be for these "tough guy gangster" type guys to bring in some white guy to yell that on their record... unless of course these guys were all pretty much posers to begin with, again I'm not too familiar with the history of the N.W.A
  2. it was me. we were pretty tight at the time though, so they knew i didn't mean it.
  3. Silly GC member, I can clearly see your blackness from your profile pic...
  4. twas i, but it wasn't supposed to be on the record i just criss angel'd that shit. :smoking:
  5. I'm pretty sure you can't arrest a lemon with a hat... :(
  6. shit, you got me. i am prodigy...

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