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fuck slang

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by VolcomSton3d, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. My dealer said i can can 25, 50 for weed. Wtf does that mean? In all my years ive never heard this slang. does it mean a quarter for 50? wtf?!?
  2. sounds like your dealer is uneducated and drop out of high school. Dont deal with idiots like this. :wave:
  3. lol im guessing its a quarter for 50..
  4. .25 = 1/4 = 25%

    $.25 = 1/4 $
  5. Around where I'm from if someone gives you two prices then that means that the first price is a half 8th while the next price is an 8th. So hes selling you a half 8th for $25 or an 8th for $50. These are very standard prices where I'm from.
  6. when he says that reply with "what the hell does that mean?"

  7. Yeah I hate it when people pretend to know wht your talking about
  8. I know everyone ha an opinion, however, when I hear two number that are double each other, the first is usually the price of an 1/8 ounce, the second the price of a 1/4 ounce. One way to tell is by asking about the quality. If it's dank typically prices if you're buying an eigth or a quarter are around $40 - $45 per eigth, and $80 - $90 for a quarter. This could obviously vary depending on your location, so let's not all jump my shit for using these figures. That being said, sound like the guy want's to sell you some low to mid grade commercial weed at the price of $25 and eigth or $50 a quarter.

    Hope this helps. Try just asking what the hell he means if you're really worried.

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