FUCK!! Problems!!

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  1. Alright, i just checked out my plants and there are some serious things that are worrying me.

    First, one of my plants has mold on it. I don't need to post a picture for reassurance, i know what mold looks like. How the fuck did mold even get on my plant? Is it becuase of the environment its in? (they're in my basement.) It can't be that damp down there can it? Ugh, should i just scrap the plant all together or is there a way to fix it?

    Second, theres fucking bugs in my basement, like small spyders and small bugs that like to either hang on the side of my pot or just around the area and i don't know if they are a harm or not though.

    Third, why the fuck is the perlite on the top layer of soil yellow? Like it turned from white to a rotting yellow colour.

    Finally. I'm freaking out about when i need to water again. I watered them thoroughly on sunday, i dont know if i should water again but i thought i should at least wait three days.

    Ahh, fuck, i can't believe i ALREADY GOT MOLD. AFTER ONLY A WEEK. WHAT THE HELL.
  2. basements are full of mold, not to mention humid. If you have mold on your soil, you should probably wait more than 3 days. I bet you're over watering them, and the soil is soaked. Get a moisture meter (7 dollars or so) and water when the bottom of the pot hits 3 of 10. Then only water to up to 6-7 of 10

    You need to lower the ambient humidity (most likely) to get rid of the plant mold. That means a dehumidifier in your basement. (plus whatever mold treatment you pick)

    If you're not that far along, scrap it and start over upstairs. Water less, and keep your humidity below 50% I do well at 30%, and this is due to air conditioning. get a reptile humidity meter from petco.

    basements aren't that great because this is where the maintenance men need to go if you ever have a problem with the house. (plus humidity, mold, etc..)

    You need to figure out if your spiders are spider, or spider mites. Spiders do nothing, actually they might be beneficial to some extent (predator bugs). Spider mites will mess your stuff up.
  3. If you have spider mites, get some ladybugs. They will eat your problem.

  4. Pretty much my only choice is to find the dehumidifier in my basement (i'm pretty sure there is one down here because i remember it vaugely) or i'm gonna move them all upstairs.

    They're just regular spiders, the ones with long legs.

    I'm not that far along, but i'm gonna see if i can try and fix the problem, the only thing i'm worried about is can mold infect my other plants?
  5. Yes it can. It is very invasive. To be honest, those spiders could have carried spores, either that or they were airborne.

    Anyway, kill that mold before you flower or you'll be kicking yourself.

    good luck.
  6. I've dealt with mold/dampness before in my last flat I had. Have someone come out and check it for you, it could be caused by a number of reasons, the mortar between the brick, the bricks themselves, a leaking pipe, the floor. All can be treated. Spiders and insects can also me treated, remove your plants and spray with insect killer, then add insect repellent.

  7. Well, i did remove the mold, and i have moved my entire grow op to a room upstairs rather than downstairs, so now they'll be dry. I Think it'll be ok, but if i see any more signs of mold i'll scrap the plant.
  8. The perlite in my soil turns yellow too, I just figured it was normal. :confused_2:
  9. The only problem with lady bugs is that they can seriously infest your home... and spores are everywhere... there even up in the mesosphere fifty miles above the earth. Watch your humidity, and that might also be a sign that there is a high concentration of spores in your basement meaning you may have a mold problem in which case you should seriously get that checked out not just for your little green ladies but for your own safety....

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