fuck pills and syrups!

Discussion in 'General' started by McLovin23_x2, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. so im quite sick, flu/cold, whatever, anyways, my moms telling me to take all these pills and cough syrups and itll knock it right outta me. i usually dont take many pills, i just dont trust em. so i take liek 9 ibuprofen a day, a bunch of sudafed and a couple swigs of that nasty ass cough syrup. ive been doing htat since sunday, and nothing. it got worse. so finally today, after taking 2 bendryl, i said fuck it, no more pills.
    i started drinking way more water, and lots of orange juice for the vitamin C and now im practically normal. it just goes to show how well that works instead of pumping for body full of synthetics.
  2. Take a bunch of showers, drink a lot of water, and herb :)
  3. out of herb and im taking a shower later, now im just drink oj and water and a good dose of GC
  4. go on a dxm trip.
  5. Green tea always makes me feel a bit better when I have a cold/virus.
  6. You know..you're suppose to intake water, orange juice, vitamins..ect while taking the medicine to get better in the quickest way?

    Most things take 3 days anyway to start clearing if it's more than just a minor cold.


    He really is right though man........ only the Dex can save you now.

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