Fuck MTV.

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  1. The new MTV sucks. I like MTV from the old days, now it's all scripted bullshit. I happened to turn it on right now and theres a show called "Yo Mamma" on there...It's so stupid, it's not even funny. Along with all those other shows like uhh what was it called, ..shit I don't know, it's where two parents each pick a person for there son/daughter to go on a date with, and they sit with the persons boyfriend/girlfriend.. it's so fucking dumb. Sorry, I had to vent.

  2. MTV went downhill when Bevis and butthead went off air imo.. I havent acually turned on MTV sense then not even sure what channle it is hehe..

    I remember when MTV 2 came out (they played music!) I was amazed that MTV produced a station that acually had music on it... course that didnt last long Last time I looked on that channle they had some show on so im pretty sure it went down hill too im not real sure though I dont turn it on :D

    Down with MTV! :bolt:
  3. They took the M out of MTV. It's all bullshit shows now that all the fucking pitiful pre-teens flock home to watch. Stupidest god damn shows on the face of the earth. I remember when they played music! You ask a kid what type of music is on MTV and they just return a blank stare. Fucking unbelievable. I've been wanting to vent this for awile now because MTV just pissses me off so bad. But I guess the only thing on if they DID play music would be shitty ass rap, no offence to people who like rap, but I can't stand it.

  4. all it is, its a show that all the little mainstream kids watch to be cool. I can not stand MTV at all, when they stop playing their bullshit shows and actually show music, its fucking rap and retarded pop rock, makes me want to vomit. Oh well = \

  5. I love all kinds of music, so for me BET has replaced MTV because they pretty much play all music except for a few shows or specials that usually have to do with music. But that requires you to enjoy rap and urban culture. :)
  6. Yeah.... the reality shows on MTV aren't even real.


  7. I'm sorry, nothing against you or anyone else here, but I just had to laugh thinking that one TV channel would piss someone off when there are so many other things to watch... most cable companies offer at least 60 basic channels with the ability to upgrade to over 200 channels.

    True, though, MTV is nothing like it used to be... or so I assume. I haven't watched it since the first season of Remote Control ended. I do remember when MTV first started, though... nothing but music videos.... but that was before everyone and their neighbors were hooked up to cable, when broadcast TV networks ruled (ABC, NBC, CBS... Fox was still just getting started, I think). At least nowadays you have many more viewing choices. :cool:
  8. i kno...now all it is, is that gay real world shit
  9. I remember when they had Daria and the Tom Green show. That's the only reason why I watched MTV. All the TRL shit is so stupid though. I mean, they're making their penny by apprealing to the masses of preteen kids, but they just need to change the name or something becuase Music doesn't go through that station...trash does.

  10. exactly, yo mama, date my mom, and parental control are all fake its so stupid and the acting is pretty bad too..
  11. Me too. I hadn't watched it in years, then not too long ago I watched about 4 hours of glorious MTV programming. Lame.

    I do admit that I love Pimp My Ride, but I wait to netflix it because most commercials eat poo. ;)
  12. yeah I hate mtv too. The black rappers are slowly taking over all of it and theres no modern rock or anything else now. Its funny you mentioned the show called parental control where the parent chooses a boyfriend/girlfriend for their son/daughter because one of my distant friends from school was on that show. Her name is Bri and she has blonde hair... bah not like any of you guys watch it so who am I trying to kid...
  13. shit id rather watch BET. Wylin' out is a fucking great show when youre pregaming to go out.
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  15. I'm missing the relevance of that...? :confused:

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