Fuck MTV Cribs

Discussion in 'General' started by granato, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. I used to love this show when I was in middle school, fuckin 7-8 years ago. I haven't watched that show since I was that age until tonight. Holy shit, the entire show is a commercial. They had this little 18 yr old, no clue who she was, but she's making some major cheddar off stupid teenagers. When they showed the fridge they made sure to zoom in on the name brands and she mentioned a few times how much she loved their product, the same thing with her cars, and every other fucking thing they showed. This is bullshit :mad:. I don't remember it being like this. Tell me it's not 'cause I'm high :smoking:

    Nah, it's the same thing in the Steve-O one. Close-ups on the fuckin honey bunches cereal. He was laughing about having to open that fridge full of bud and take one into the next room with him.
  2. Yeah. MTV knew that they could make a lot of money on advertising on that show. Personally I hate they show anyway
  3. its called product placement and its in everything nowadays look at transformers its basically one long ass GM commercial with robots

    if you look for it you will find it everywhere
  4. Fuck MTV Cribs?????

    Fuck MTV in general.

    Come on- its time for some discovery channel/history channel/science channel/TLC......

    MTV was cool until Beavis & Butt-Head had left - after that, there has been nothing good on. Yea sure occasionally they play a good music video- but I choose not to support something that has always been about commercialism.

    But back onto your original point- Fuck MTV Cribs- the whole show is about showing off. I mean, yea its nice to have nice things, but you do not have have to flaunt them.
  5. Cheebaa speaks the truth. I havn't watched MTV in years. Just about most of their shows now are reality tv or Paris Hilton shit, it's so annoying.
  6. Hey I totally agree...I was just skimming around and got a little nostalgic. This is terrible. I watch hbo/espn/comedy/cnn/history pretty much exclusively. Flight of the Conchords is pretty fuckin funny.
  7. I remember a time when MTV showed music videos, does anyone else??

  8. Anyone else remember the glory days of "Headbanger's Ball?" Followed by Beavis and Butt-Head. Now, that's when MTV was worth something. :)
  9. yeah man, fuck MTV. WHen Im high, I like to watch the history channels, and all the learning channels n shit like that, and comedy central. Being as Im high all the time, I generally like to watch that. I thought MTV was cool for all of about... 3 SECONDS, then I pulled my head outta my ass and realized that that shit sucked and it was rotting my brain. :)
  10. Yeah, I think they show about half an hour of videos in the morning.
  11. anyone watching the new lil'bush tonight? I think that could be a new favorite.

    i got caught watchin that shitty american's next model marathon bs last week...it had a clutch over me. MTV is dangerous.
  12. No, I just realized, does anyone remember the last time the channel that was designed to show just videos, MTV2, actually showed videos? I just looked at their schedule and they have like 1 hr of actual videos being shown in the morning.
  13. I can't stand that channel, I really can't. I tried watching it once.. do you know what I ended up sitting through for all of five minutes before hiding the remote and crying myself to sleep?

  14. has anyone seen the yin yang twins on cribs

    :yay: show em the monkey :eek: AHH AHH AHH

    but ya anyone you see on cribs never has the same house or car any other time you see them thats what I dont like is it makes me think they get the shit just for that one episode
  15. Scarred is the shit the motto around the skate park nowadays is "the worst that can happen is you end up on scarred bro, go for it!" lol

  16. I absolutely cant stand that damn show, those kids are so spoiled its nauseas, and they're so god damn ungrateful...bleh, damnit Durchii, you got me all worked up with this picture. WORST TV SHOW OF ALL TIME... right along with next, the gay version of next, cribs, making the band, pimp my ride, the hills, anything that has to do with bam margera, date my mom, engaged and underage, punked, etc... ef mtv, ef 'em right in the ass.
  17. Our government is so stupid. War on drugs? We should be having a war on MTV. It's rotting brains and lowering morals!

    Do I have a point or what?
  18. [​IMG]

    "Hey, here's Love Connection. Watch this and get fat and stupid. By the way, keep drinking beer you fucking morons!" ​
  19. ......and Nation Geographic Channel. Just had to add it haha, good post dog. MTV is one of those things like crack that just isnt an option in my life. It might as well not exist, until i find myself a spectator in a conversation about some celebraties bullshit on Cribsss(which happpens more times then ever should), but by that time im usaully rethinking/replanning my entire life

    fuck mtv. If not for Bevis and butthead they would prolly be off the air
  20. I love how all celebrities organize their fridges...
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