fuck mosquitoes

Discussion in 'General' started by hiimhi, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. one bit my hand the other day now my ENTIRE hand itches, I haven't even scratched the damned thing! unless of course i was in my sleep or something, but damn it, it itches!
  2. im sorry to hear that
  3. I hate those little fuckers! When one bites me and I smack it, I eat it. Because I want my blood back.
  4. Try some tooth-ache remedy! (Ora-gel or a knock-off from the Dollar Store). The extra strength is 20% benzocaine, a great little topical anesthetic! :hello:

    Granny :wave:
  5. I heard some of them in some area have the west nile virus, hopefully you guys wont get bit by one
  6. you're going to die from it
  7. Those damn mother fuckers fucking fucked up my shit.
    Eat fucking shit crazy fucking mother fuckers.
  8. Haha when Im high as fuck with my friend in a park and we have nothing to do, we go on a rampage lol. One time, we must have killed at least 100-200 of these little fuckers.
  9. fuck em.
    fuccck all the mosquitoes
  10. does anyone blaze outside at night? I hate having to worry about them. What if the one that bites me has the West Nile Virus?
  11. Mosquitoes are hoes. I once heard that they are attracted to a certain type of blood, like if they bit someone they would keep going back to that same person because they liked that specific persons blood type.
  12. those bastards don't even need our blood for food, they just use the protein for their shitty babies.
  13. Fucking mosquitoes gave me dengue. Kill em all!

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