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  1. I got that inspection notice from my landlord cause my lease is up. they're coming next week.

    thank god i prepared for this!!

    this round i decided not to use trellis netting and made a bunch of smaller plants so they will be easy to move. i told myself my lease is ending and i'm not totally sure of the genetics so don't net and make em small. shit worked out. i have somebody already willing to take them. one guy holding onto my seedlings, the other my flowering plants, he has a whole ROOM unused right now at the right time!

    my question for this mainly is regarding transporting the plants and the switch in lighting. they are going from CMH 630 to Gavita HPS 750. Do you guys have any tips regarding moving the plants, and if changing the type of light twice will have any major effect on them?

    i've got 24 plants about 3 ft tall in 1 gal coco with steaks already in them.

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  2. LOL.....I DREAD getting that notice on my door!!!:bang::bang::bang::bang:
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  3. it was more of an email... they just said they wanna inspect and the lease is coming up and they haven't inspected years since we've lived here. so lame. right when they're 3 weeks in bloom. i'm so pissed off.
  4. If you think that's bad, try inspections every 4 months. That'll really hit a nerve. That's why I've been wanting to get into growing autos lol. I almost got caught 3 times, but I managed to finish the drying process on time to jar my buds.
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  5. Should be fine if you can time it right so they aren't lit up when supposed to be dark.
    The spectrum/type of light shouldn't make too much of a diff though.

    I take it you are moving them back to finish right?
  6. That's what I have...and yes...it does hit a nerve! LOL
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  7. Until I move out of that "prison" I have to keep my veg to a 3-week minimum. Just one of the many cons of not having your own pad lol.
  8. 4 months? fuck that bullcrap i wouldn't move somewhere like that.

    this is my first inspection in 3 years moving here. i'm so mad hahahahaha.

    not because my plants won't survive, i've already got that worked out.

    i just gotta move em, move em back, tear everything down, and put it back up.

    so god damn annoying.
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  9. no they are being moved during lights on and i'm programming them to the literal exact same time they were previously at. that part is not a problem.

    i'm more worried about when i'm stuffing plants into a van and maybe having to lay them on their side or some shit idk.
  10. welp i guess my homie has a van he's gonna help me with and it's got a fat dip in the back of it with a lot of space.

    think i'm clear there.
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  11. Nice. That sounds like it'll work. Better at 3 weeks than when they are dripping and the branches are sagging! Buddy'd never get the smell outta his van haha!
  12. dude they are already having to be steaked this round is gonna yield massive lmao
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  13. Being in Canada no one even says shit about two giant 6" ports coming out my blacked out window. And I'm renting at a townhouse complex.
    I hope it can be like that for you guys sooner than later.
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  14. It's always the grows that are rocking is when they come knockin'....bastards ! Best of luck with the move.
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  15. Nobody living around my place cares what I do. Hell, they're probably growing their own shit too lol. So I ain't worried about them. It's the owners "guidelines" of 3 strikes and you're out of there lol. Some of us have no other choice, but to live in a place like this. If I had the cash to move out, hell I would, but it's not always that easy for some folks. You just have to find ways to work around their stupid rules.
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  16. Went out and got some more ties, a 6 pack of Sculpin IPA, and some In N Out. It's gonna be a long night.
  17. IMG_20190730_013247323.jpg

    Most of the section of what I'm dealing with plus one plant I'm defoliating right now. This is why I'm very not excited about this whole thing. Plus I gotta move my ozs and pounds of oil and bud and my scales and all that shit.

    However on the bright side they're already developing fast and I see a couple leaning already so it's just the moving and rebuilding thats annoying at this point.
  18. finally finished. gonna move the bitches in 1-2 days then this bullshit is over soon.

    they're stripped, tied up, ready to go.
  19. I haven't seen my landlord for 6 years. He lives on another island. The most offhands one I've ever had.
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  20. i've realized today this all worked out for the best. he messaged and said he wants to come over because it's this owner's first house and he hasn't seen what it's looked like in about 3 years. He wants to check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide (which is actually broken). He's a pretty cool dude so it won't be a hassle with him.

    I was also looking through my room and grow room and honestly there is crap I wanna clean out of both so it's a good time.

    We also figured I have some nice looking genetics here (king louis og, dosidos, lemon tree, jungle cake) and the other grower I work with who's holding onto my plants for me tomorrow I'm gonna let him take monster crops and we both will have some to save for next round cause we'll need it. We got the room ready and the Gavitas / CO2 / dehumidifier / ACs going tonight and sprayed the room and garage out for bugs. And I got someone else holding my seedlings for my pheno hunt.

    Honestly it all worked out great.
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