Fuck Lars Ulrich! (of Metallica)

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  1. This guy pisses me off just about as much as the entire PMRC. Sure, he might have some talent in the realm of rythm and percussion, but that is all for naught when he has no brain.

    If youre not sure why i could possibly be angy with this little fuck, think back to the days of Napster, and how he was, and still is, a huge vocal opponent of file sharing. He can gift wrap his adgenda all he wants, but his beef comes down to the fact that if people are no longer buying his albums, hes loosing money.

    First of all, do they (Metallica) need any more money? Second, if he wants money, he should concentrate on selling out venues (which im sure they do all the time) instead of trying to get as many royalties as possible from albums.

    Smart musicians realize that real money comes from concerts, not album sales, seeing as how record companies have their hands on so many aspects of an artists' work. Also, smart musicians realize that any publicity is good publicity.

    Look at Radiohead, they released "In Rainbows" free online, and gave fans the opportunity to donate while they were at it. Even with that, it took #1 on Billboard. I believe Trent Reznor of NIN did the same sort of thing. Pretty Lights, a D&B/Dubset group from CO also has all three of their albums free for download at their website (www.prettylightsmusic.com). These are just 3 examples of the evolution of music and artist promotion. These bands know that if their careers as musicians are going to be succesful, they'll do whatever is needed to draw in fans and sell out shows.

    So, in closing.....uh.....oh yea, fuck Lars Ulrich. Also, if you believe yourself to be a true Metallica fan, and have so much as one downloaded or pirated song of theirs, Lars im sure hates you.
  2. "Fuck Lars Ulrich! (of Metallica)"

    Right on!
    I was a fan back when "Ride the Lightning" was their latest. I don't even care about their new album.. and haven't seen them since the "..and Justice For All" tour (They should have retired after that.. Seeing where they've gone since). Those that remember back then.. Remember what they were "About".

    Metallica's Lars Ulrich Sells Basquiat Painting for $14 Million

    \t\t\tExceeding the predicted amount...
    \t \t
    \t \t\t \t \t\t\t[​IMG] \t\t\t\t \t\t [​IMG]
    More Metallica \t\t
    \t \t \t \t \tLars Ulrich, drummer for Metallica, has made $14 million on a famous Basquiat painting he was once the owner of.
    Originally thought to bring in a little over $12 million according to pre-auction estimates, the painting has exceeded all expectations with the amount it brought in.
    Ulrich purchased 'Untitled (Boxer)' back in 1999, but wanted to put it back into circulation and “let someone else enjoy it as much as I have over the last decade".
    The highest amount a Basquiat painting has ever garnered at an auction is $14.6 million for ‘Untitled'.
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    He went overboard on the Napster thing. Yes.

    But ever since then, both Lars and Metallica have learned their lesson.

    They are no longer actively fighting or speaking against file sharing as far as i know of.
    In fact, they still encourage "tape trading" of their shows, and many of them are freely available for download at their site. Also, they've made their music available on iTunes so that the people who wishes to download their music can do so legally (for a price of course).

    I agree that he is not the most likeable person in the world, but he is a musician and i judge him accordingly. He has been shit ever since they released the Black Album. But he was the king in the old days. Sure Dave Lombardo was (and still is) faster, but Lars' rhythms and drum beats from the 80s are legendary. He was innovative and technically superior in comparison with many of his rivals back then.

    I wish to remember Lars Ulrich for his amazing energetic drumming both in the studio and during live shows in the 80s, and not some stupid mistakes he made twenty years after.

    So no - Don't Fuck Lars Ulrich - Hail Lars Ulrich for the drummer he was in the eighties. Who cares what he is doing now, when all that really matters was the shit he put down in the eighties. Like all other artists, it's at the roots of their music that you find the pot of gold.

    Point in case:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwzZMPCvkWQ&feature=related&fmt=18"]YouTube - Metallica 1987.02.13 Gothenburg,Sweden - Whiplash[/ame]

    Ten lines of coke and hammer away :devious:
  4. he may be a greedy little shit(the son of a pro tennis player go figure).. for not knowing how to play the drums when they started the band, he's pretty good.
  5. Funny thing about Metalica , they in the beginning promoted themselves with allowing fans to tape their shows like The Greatful Dead ..and distributing their music to get over to more people . Then they hit the big time and turned into shit heads .

    They got super famous here on the west coast doing that . I was not then a fan of them I thought they were mediocre at best .

    The issue of Lars flipping out is to be laughed at +reps man


    Local Boy

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