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fuck... jus got busted.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GillyTHEkid, May 13, 2011.

  1. sup blades,

    my buddy n i were pushin out luck too far tonight. we smoked inside out dorm with a small piece and we got careless. no sploof..... we jus tried to blow it out the window.. but obvious fail.

    so the campus police officers came in, buddies roomate let him in (mistake1) and the police were like, "it smells like someone smoked in here"
    my buddy was like, "shoot im not going to even lie officer"
    so they searched out room and found absolutely nothing.
    they started to preach to us about how bad mary jane is and all that propaganda bullshit.
    then they said they were going to have us j-boarded..? they said we're going to have to go to the court council on campus and get tried to see if we get booted, suspended, grades dropped.
    after that they simply left...
    all they did was:
    come in, mention the smell of mary jane
    search the room, find nothing, nada
    preached to us about how bad smoking cannibas is
    wrote down their license numbers and our school id information, room numbers, and names
    and they simply left...
    idk if u guys noticed but we never signed a single thing.. we never got a copy of anything at all..

    this entire thing confuses me.. were the campus police officers bluffing?
    but in my case, i failed my athletic drug test at my previous school and i have that on my athletic record...
    will that be affected?

    i honestly think we will get off as a warning at the best because they have no evidence on us, just the smell but they didnt find anything..
    what do you guys think we should say if we get taken to the court?
    deny everything?

    sorry im high as shit off sour d :smoke:

    i appreciate any input, i believe in the city :cool:
  2. Well...if your friend had not admitted to smoking you could have gotten away scott free since they didnt find anything in your room...but since he admitted to it they might be able to get you with it. They cant do anything for you just being high. Did they at least take your ID?

  3. just the information, they only took my school id
  4. Thats really odd, no documentation or signatures or anything? Well in court just say you or a friend in the dorm was at a party. Alot of marijuana was being used at the party so you left, dragging the smell with you. If they drug test you. Good luck.....
  5. Theyll wonna drug test you
  6. #6 BMORE HiiiGH, May 13, 2011
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    you'll most likely get off with a warning, good thing they didnt find the piece you were smoking out of
  7. should of never let them in.. but i bet a warning maybe
  8. assuming your talking about college but heres what i got to say dont let weed ruin your education sure its good but be more careful next time education is important and your given an opportunity most people dont haveso try not to get kicked out of school or anything due to weed because it just aint worth it
  9. I don't know if this applies for CAMPUS police officers, but I'm pretty sure they can't do anything if they didn't read you your Maranda Rights.

  10. Since you live on campus the school reserves the right whether to let the police into your dorm or not.
  11. I wouldn't even worry about it, and if you do get called into some hearing just go and explain that you have no idea why they are wasting your time with no evidence, and if they tried to force any consequences on you that you would be contacting a lawyer.

    Bottom line: They had and took no evidence, they shouldn't be able to do shit.
  12. That's some fucked up shit. But TBH, don't stress it cuz they don't have much evidence except how your friend admitted. That's nothing much to trial you on ESPECIALLY with no evidence of possession... Even if you go to court council on campus, tell them exactly what happened minus the actual smoking part. They've got ZERO evidence you've got to understand! You'll be fine :). Good luck.
  13. oh and the campus police officer was like no there isnt anything you can do, when i asked if there was anything we could do from getting to go in front of the court council..

    he made it sound like if we do go to the council, our punishments are going to be extremly harsh like gettin kicked out and grades being messed with.

    but if we all stick to one story cant we get away with it cuz they have zero evidence
  14. well, your roomate violated his fifth amendment right, and wasn't read his maranda(sp?) rights, saying you didn't have to say anything, since it's a school though, they'll follow their own policy, as opposed to the Constitution, just say your friend was drunk at the time, and made the mistake of admitting to smoking, when you weren't, go with the party story iMarihuana suggested, then, without evidence, you should be fine, if you aren't on academic or sport program probation at the moment, you will most likely be put on it, try not to get busted for anything else, and happy (SMART) toking

  15. +1

    don't worry
    just deny it
  16. yeah bro most colleges just make you take a drug and alcohol safety class... that's what I had to do...mine was for alcohol (dry campus) but I knew people who got busted with weed. real cops and charges are typically unlikely unless you're being a dbag.... expect a call from an RA or a letter in the mail ...good luck
  17. You should've had a cigarette on hand to smoke afterwards to cover the smell. People forget how useful this is.
  18. If you go to court for this problem just deny everything,just say that you've smoked a Cigar for an excuse for the smell.I think that was probably a warning.Also never open a window that anyone could see in public when smoking,learn this.You probably need to wach your back a lil bit rite now,be careful man.
  19. I don't understand why college kids just don't greenhouse their cars in the parking lot, or just roll one up and take a little walk. I did it in college, and I do it now if I am staying at a hotel(which is often because I travel 75% for work).
  20. Who are they ? "Mormon Police"

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