FUCK!! Hair test coming up. Help!

Discussion in 'General' started by Ohshit911, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone,

    So recently I got a dream job offer... Come to find out the company does hair follicle testing.

    Well... They want the test done within a week and my hair is probably 3/8 of an inch so I'm sure they'll want body hair. Well... I can at least make sure that i only have arm pit hair for them to take.

    I've researched all about the McCujo and grow man methods and already bought my vinegar, clean and clear, tide, baking soda, neutrogena 2% shampoo and even spent the $260 on the old style nexxus aloe rid because I HAVE TO PASS.

    I've been clean for about 3 weeks but have definitely toked quite a bit in the 2 months prior. I am a white male if that helps at all.

    My question... Can I do the same methods on my armpits to make sure that hair is clean or am I going to die of pain? I'm freaking out because everything is riding on my passing this test and getting this job.

    All input is appreciated!
  2. You're going to fail.
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  3. Shouldve went to a headshop to buy the hair test shampoo .. not sure if all that other stuff you brought will prove to be effective .. idk you maybe screwed kid & if you are, im sure there will be another opportunity somewhere down the line hopefully it won't require a hair test ..
  4. No help. Impossible mate. Sorry. Great luck!

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  5. You're not gonna pass, sorry man.
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  6. If you're job hunting in today's world and you're really looking for that "dream job," I suggest you quit smoking pot until all this happens. No company worth anything today is going to hire you without an extensive drug test. It's not the companies that do it, it's the insurance companies forcing them to do it as they're always looking for a way to deny a claim. I'm afraid you're screwed with no more time left to clean out than you have. Like I said above, got to get those priorities in line and a career should be way higher on the list than getting a buzz...no matter how much you want to. You just can't beat the technology they've got going now if the company is willing to pay the big bucks for the testing. Pray for a miracle. And, if it doesn't happen, it's not like there aren't other great jobs out there. This one just wasn't meant to be. But you need to get your "wants" and "needs" into line. TWW
  7. Go for a whole body shave...
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  8. Should've spent that $250 on a whole body waxing on morning of test...lol.You're going to fail,but you're on the cusp at 3-5 months,so you never know....weeks? No chance

    Let's get growing!
  9. Shave every hair on your body. they can't say your trying to cheat the test. they will have to wait until you get a hair long enough. By that time you'll be good

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