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Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, May 24, 2003.

  1. read this:

    Some quotes that pissed me off:

    But Lesley King-Lewis, chief executive of Action on Addition, and Peter Stoker, of the National Drug Prevention Alliance, said they were concerned the campaign focused solely on Class A drugs.

    "Due to the current reclassification of cannabis, many young people could easily assume that it is a safe drug," said Ms King-Lewis.

    and I won't say anything about this one:

    Health Minister Hazel Blears said: "The days when we could simply tell people how to live their lives are long gone. That kind of material, that kind of campaign simply doesn't work."

  2. [SIZE=+10px]FUCK FRANK![/SIZE]

    just started reading and already here is a bit that pissed me off:

    "Backed by the Home Office, Department of Health and education ministers, it will provide advice, information and support about all illegal substances, but will focus on Class A drugs. "

    oh yeah, like those fucks know what they are talking about.


    "While welcoming the new approach, anti-drug campaigners warned that the heavy emphasis on harder substances could be misinterpreted that cannabis "is a safe drug". "

    i challenge them to find a safer drug. any drug from any where... find a safer drug... go on... what are you waiting for....? ...cant find one eh?

    "The aim is to reduce the use of Class A drugs and frequent use of any illicit substances by all young people under the age of 25, especially by the most vulnerable in society."

    i got a way of doing that... legalise cannabis. or at least allow full tollerance of cannabis use if "they" are scared of the repercussions from america. It has undeniably worked in holland.

    getting quite pissed off, i dont think its safe for me to read anymore of this story about the reboot of the propaganda machine.

    "Another advert features a mother attempting to talk to her son about drugs - which prompts him to call in a military snatch squad to arrest her.

    "Drugs are illegal, talking about them isn't," says the voiceover."

    tell it to the american authorities. lol. jk.


    WOAH! AINSWORTH! HE'S STILL KICKIN IT IN THE GOV!?!? shit i thought his evil ass was long gone. that fucker is worse than blunkett!

    ""Frank is going to be a source of advice and information in a non-judgemental way.""

    hello New Labour Spin, your getting a bit familiar aint ya!?

    hehe. as transparent as air.

    "A Home Office spokesman said the initiative would provide "accurate, confidential and unbiased information" and help people get in touch with local agencies. "

    unbiased information?.....
    said a home office spokesman, said a home office spokesman, said a home office spokesman, said a home office spokesman, said a home office spokesman, said a home office spokesman. ......unbiased information?

    ""Frank will focus on the most vulnerable young people and on helping parents to access information and advice to enable them to talk to their children.""


    "Frank will ignore the middle ground and the soft happy ground and definately completely overlook any benifits drugs might have so that that which we focus on, although may well be true, will attempt to strike fear into the hearts & minds of the unknowledgable on the subject, we will also train mindless fearfull parents from our 70s & 80s propaganda on how to spread our propaganda and fear into the next generation"

    reading on..

    "National Drug Prevention Alliance"
    u-huh. drug prevention? how the fuck do you prevent drugs?
    they exist, you cannot change that, no amount of power in the world can achieve that. without drugs we would be in a really shite state of afairs. NHS would collapse, workers would fall asleep at their desks without their drug of the capitalist (coffee btw), disease would spread unhindered, music would suck, etc etc etc.

    and those last few paragraphs really take da biskit!

    dont they realise there's this neat littel trick all psychology students will learn in their first week at Uni... its called reverse psychology. oh... i see, of course they realise... its all part of the plan so they can say, "look! drug use is on the rise so we need to have more anti-drug propaganda!"

    its a funny ol' world.

    i thought it was strange when they announced that HEBS (health education Beareu* scotland) could be getting shut down ("reformed" as i think they put it... ie, corrupt take over from those with more money and power to suit their needs better)... this must be part of the re-nationalisation (is that what ya'd call it??) of the propaganda machine. of course they werent going to let the pro legalisation movement carry on with its current momentum. they've put in the apeasement deal (reclassification) to try to trick the less informed of us, but in reality they've moved the goalposts and upped the sentences. that only will slow down the acceleration of the process. and they know it... so this is "phase two" (lol) of their plan... the propaganda war. It's like they've reawoken to the fact that we are in a war, and as with all wars, the first casualty is always the truth because the propaganda battle is always the first and most important in War.

    *there was no way in hell i was gonna spell that right.

    btw, i hope this proves to the flag waving patriots that were insulted by the fact that i might have some commentary on things going on in their country, that i got plenty to say about other countries and what goes on in them too.
    it isnt about countrys. Its about politics and world issues.
  3. I thought this post was aobut the song fuck frankie by marilyn manson. i think i will go cry now :(


  4. haha LMAO!!!! damn digit... chill!

  5. if keyboards had feelings and ears my keyboard would hate me and be bleeding from its ears.
  6. i send frank some kind words on the pro's of marijuniana. They told me it would take less then 24 hours for a reply. i hope so, all it said was "frank cannot answer your questions, please call the number below!"
  7. haha

    on the poll "your mate is caning it. what do you do?"

    and the option to refer the friend to Frank got the least amount of votes. hahahahaha
  8. LMAO!!!

    thats excellent d9, thnx for pointing it out!
  9. talk to frank, like he'd know something about it
  10. Frank says "Most people mix cannabis up with tobacco and smoke it as a spliff or a joint. Some people put it in a pipe. Others make tea with it or stick it in food like cakes."

    Amen to that! :D
  11. have to also add this...
    Frank says, "may well have their head in the fridge. Hunger pangs are known as 'getting the munchies'."

    lol, frank is one crazy stoned bastard!
  12. "Mushrooms make some people feel dizzy and sick and some people get diarrhoea (which is fun when you're tripping and the toilet keeps moving)."

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- I can picture that one now.
  13. Is frank a women by any chance?
  14. Frank is a 6foot bunny rabbit.
  15. frank is a government approved drugs "expert". lol.

    i say the people @ erowid are far more knowledgeable, and dont have a hidden agenda. erowids agenda is to inform.

    Despite saying they don't, Frank's agenda is to scaremonger and discorage.
    i really havnt seen much of the good drug storys there.
    what happened to the story that goes "Today, a young man on acid realised that all matter is mearly energy condensed to a slow vibration, and we are the imagination of ourselves." (another bill hicks quote btw)

    and the poll options... ! ARGH!
    i remember making my poll about good polls... one of the main things that make a good poll is not having the poll makers opinions to obviously expressed to allow the voter their say...
    ...This certainly doesnt happen on the frank website.
    HA! and they say they are being objective. HA! and they say they are giving impartial information. HA!

    Good start frank. you've now got the distrust of about 25% of the population.

    ask frank?
    like fuck!
    ask jeeves to direct you to erowid. ;)
  16. I'm really frank in disguise, and I would've gotten away with it too- if it wasn't for you meddling kids!!!

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