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Fuck fame

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gods Boner, May 5, 2011.

  1. The music hall is more dead than osama

    Whatever happened to stoners smoking up to some sublime or chili peppers or the beatles? Why can't people (especially new smokers) just smoke to some nice what I got or apache rose peacock? This music is all about making money now days it's not for the sake of having a fucking awesome time just jamming. I'm sure there are still bands and artists who rap or sing for music but it's a
    Rarity. Just got tired of seeing all the wiz khalifa threads. Listen to some real music with meaning......... I grew up in the same era as most the new smokers (born in 91) but I started in 06 and haven't "listened" to the same trash as them. Whatever, fuck it. Some people will feel me.
  2. I feel ya man. I was born in 92. Zeppelin/Hendrix all day :)

  3. Fucking right!!! Whenever I get reallll high I will watch the song remains the same. Best high concert ever. If you haven't seen it I HIGHly recommend it.
  4. It's all about opinion and preference. I've even met a true and heavy smoker who truly didn't like music at all.

    I've been on a Ratatat binge lately myself
  5. I agree to an extent, but discussing music almost never benefits either party. I'm tired of the Khalifa threads as well, but I don't let it phase me. Indifference is the key to enjoying what makes you happy; don't feel the need to defend your interests, especially in something as arbitrary as "What music do you like?".

    A lot of it is the age gap (I was on born in '88 myself), but some of it is that people are simply bored with those artists. I love all three but I need something different once a while. The people who make a big deal about it are the people to cut out of your life. Don't add unneeded stress to an already stressful life.
  6. I agree, music is something that should make you don't let a wave of "bad music" (depending on preference) upset you, just don't let it phase you and let it make you appreciate yours even more
  7. I agree with this thread totally, all music used to be much better than it is now, specially rap.

    I absolutely love classic rock and shit like that.



    Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys, Im hot for teacher..
  8. I remember a time when you could turn MTV on, and watch a Deftones music video, or something better. Reality bullshit was on the occasion.
    fucking corporate world.

    fuckin corporate world...
  9. Well I dont listen to a lot of the new shit since it all pretty much sucks. I like a lot of older music. I like older rock and country. And I hate rap, never really listened to that shit. I dont really care to hear a song about hoes and rims....

  10. Thanks for putting your first post on my thread. I feel honored. I know man. It's just that a lot of these kids don't know what real music is you know? They are stuck on the rap only or rock only or country only? Like come on you have to explore a little. We wouldn't be here without exploration and exploring your mind is just as important. Would I be as much as a yuppie as I am today if I only listened to rap? Fuck no! Don't get me wrong I wouldn't criticize somebodies opinion unless I felt I needed to and music is what makes the world go round. Top 25 playlist artists so you know I'm not bullshittin about only listening to rock. RHCP, minus the bear, Zeppelin, sublime, Tyler the creator, Earl sweatshirt, pearl jam, Memphis may fire, kid cudi, Peter bjorn and John, and top artist of all Pink Floyd. What I'm getting at is explore people. Just get high and check out other music with meaning.
  11. Yah I totally remember watching red hot chili peppers music videos on mtv! Those were the days I guess.
  12. Red hot chili peppers are amazing, I listen to blood sugar sex magik all the time when I'm baked it's so funky. I'm excited to see how Josh fits into the band for the new album

  13. Josh is an amazing guitarist that I feel fits the hole John left. Can't wait for that long ass album titled album to come out hahaha.
  14. When me and the buddies smoke up, we listen to anything. I'm more in favor of what you said, but one likes rap/hiphop/top 40's, and one likes modern rock. So we just put on my Pandora, and it plays a list with all of those types.
  15. The music industry killed itself.

    They thought people were stupid enough to buy what they were told was good, unlike days in the past when record companies went out and found great artist to promote.
  16. I go from listening to Mastodon to Alice in chains to Wolves in the throne room, to Goatwhore to shit like Gangstarr, or old Grand Puba, or ancient astronauts to shit like Madlib or sublime, or Scatter the ashes, Dr Psychedelic, Hallucinogen, Zeppelin of course, ALL pink floyd is great, Tears for fears, the cure, the smiths, Lonnie liston smith, robert miles, Sly and the revolutionaries, Scientist, Augustus Pablo, stone temple pilots, the temper trap, the thrillseekers, Thomas Bronzwaer, ASC, Alien project, Black uhuru, Marley of course, The black keys, Blue oyster cult, Blut aus Nord, Krallice, Deafheaven, chevelle, circa survive, i loooovve really old jazz too, i love Big Band aloott as well, stuff like that
    i got carried away.
    just making an example of someone who has broadened the horizon of music.
  17. I don't know man...

    I like Wiz.

  18. Have you listened to anything from the 60's-90s though? Like check out dark side of the
    moon bro. Real talk if you haven't
  19. As an avid hip hop listener, I know what you mean. Hip hop is dying, and it's gonna need a lot of help if it's going to make a comeback. Many of the classics are dead, and the ones who aren't have sold out for the most part. As a white suburban teenager, I much appreciate the white wave of new rappers. They're washing out people like lil Wayne and drake. As long as I avoid the radio, I kinda forget about mainstream music.

  20. The best music of all time came out from 67-72.

    Dont try and argue with me, you'll be wrong.

    I'm not saying noting great has been made since.......

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