Fuck Drama

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  1. omfg....I hate these fuckin *****s runnin they goddamned mouth bout me, some cats b telling my girl that i was braggin sayin that i hit it and shit and we just started goin out and i really like her but we havent fucked yet.... I hate fuckers who run they mouth and i just fucking banged the rest of my 15mg of oxycodone and ate 6mg of xanax, im bout to fucking lose it B i dont even no what the fuck to do:( and i might be losing my job tomorrow cuz of some cunt ass lazy whore FUCK MY LIFE
  2. Someone needs a hug
  3. awww, u had to take the xanax and oxy?

    throw that shit up before u you bad decision turns worse

    and, shit, if people run their mouth like that, slow them down for 'em by knocking their fucking block off
  4. your a teenager...barely deserve a first and last name....i was like you...now....through war, i will show them their heresey...through battle, i will show them their frailty...and through death i will show them their fate...my inner spirit is a timeless chorus that sings peace through strength....
  5. that's what happens when you lie to your friends about fucking a girl

    hardly worth getting in a twist over it though

  6. if your gf falls for dumb shit like that than shes just a dumb cunt into as much drama as the pple you hate. the olny difference is your getting poon tang eventually
  7. all i gotta say is that u gotta beat that fucker man...i remember u tellin me about that dude the other day...hes been talking a lot of shit...show him wats really up...good luck man...do wat ya gotta do

  8. this reminds me of how people in my town would run around, telling rednecks that other people are talking shit about them and it would stage a fight. the rednecks were too stupid to realize that they were being used as entertainment and took it seriously. lol fucking retards
  9. As I said on the phone mayn... give that kid a good "talking to" and show him wassup. Dont fall back into the op's man u were off 8 weeks.
  10. Handle your shit man, and just make it clear to your girl that you never said anything like that if you didn't. Let those guys know what's up too.

    But don't fall back into an opiate addiction/hurt yourself for a girl you just met man (or any girl for that matter). Seriously brah, it's not worth it.

    Be careful and good vibes mang.
  11. over the course of the day i have talked to my girl shes mad but atleast talking to me but she dont believe it and i just blew mad coke and if i find this ni66a hes gunna eat some fuck hollow points bbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaat wish this was my old city were niggs die everyday and no one figures it out
  12. To be honest. I would just leave it alone. Be smart about it. You think your life is bad now? Beat the hell of someone and see where that gets you. No where. IF your girl believes you then thats all that matters. I wouldn't do anything unless they physically came up to you.
  13. do what you have to do, jus dont get caught, my friend has a simiar probem, if we see the guy that asked my friends gf to fuck we are going to do something. i hate it when people run their mouth, it just causes unneeded drama
  14. your girl will beleive you... al you gatta do is tell her the truth and show her tat you care enough to make it right.....just listen to her and what she has to say and then help in anyway possible....hun you just got to be calm and talk to her....sorry if this sounds funny im nodding with my bf right now

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  16. exactly

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