Fuck California!

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  1. You sound like a major douuche op. Im suprised you haven't been neg repped yet.

    And it did take you all day and a lot of bitching soooooo yeah

  2. lol...

  3. Umm..no fuck your dealer. California rules
  4. Move to WA if you want street dank
  5. Mur's post got me wondering... Why the fuck did you drive all the way out to California? Did it happen to coincide with a trip you guys had planned? In which case... Why the fuck didn't you stock up before you left? Didn't want to drive with weed? Then I guess you paid the price for sucking at finding weed.
  6. Sound like you a mad little girl!!
  7. I work in Scottsdale. A bunch rude rich fucks are there.
  8. That's watcha get for movin to socal brosky. Not trying to generalize, but I bet our proportion of mean people to nice people is a little different up here. Life down there is much more fast paced, therefore people have less time to deal with other people.
  9. This thread made me laugh so hard.

    So does that mean you finally found some fucking bud, OP? I get a little grumpy when I don't have herb too. :p
  10. Well Cali is way better than Arizona. Used to live in Rancho Cucamonga in Cali best time of my life!
  11. That's like 5 minutes from me. :D
  12. LOL OP. Sorry that you happen to have shitty connects, please move back to your desert and stay there. Just cause you can't get weed doesn't mean our state isn't far superior in average quality of meds. Oh, the only reason you have any hot women is because dumb cali girls that can't get into California schools went to ASU. Norcal over everything.
  13. Yeah, come to Marin county and kick it for a few days, get smoked out and hooked up and go back to Arizona and feel like your missing something.

    Cali does it, you just aren't doing it right.
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    I am from Kentucky and would love to go to Cali, and grow my medicine legally!!
  15. smoke some white widow and relaxxxx......need it? :wave:
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    Dude clubs are such rip offs they got good weed but its way over priced they get it for like 5 dollars a gram then sell it for like 20 dollars a gram I would just rather keep buying off my regular dealer cause he gives me the high quality club dank for 10 bucks a gram or ill just buy some hash wax
  17. ....................................[​IMG]

  18. :laughing:
  19. Wow! It's your friends lack of contacts that would be the reason for your less than relaxed mood. I have my prescription, but also have very good street contacts Maybe he/she was just talking it up too much and then couldn't come thru so you were disappointed. I dont live in a metropolitan area like HB, communities of no more than 35,000 in my area, it's paradise except for the cost of living. You just haven't met the right people or been to the right places I guess...it's a big state. Btw 5th generation native Cali girl :)
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    Go away

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