Fuck California!

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  1. Good god, I drove to the Huntington Beach area from Scottsdale and My buddy's dealer was such a flake! We waited 4 hours for him to call us back, only for him to try to deliver some pretty shitty nug. Well, needless to say we refused to pay 50 for an 8th of some mids at best, but now we have nothing to smoke. So far, California seems to me to be way over-hyped. I even tried going to a dispensary out here but I forgot my AZ med card back home in Scottsdale. Fuck this place! On the up side though, the weather is exceptional and the women are dime-pieces forsure! Perfect blazing conditions, if only the buds would permit! Ok, end rant, just needed to vent my Cali-born frustrations. :mad:
  2. lol thats because you're going through a street dealer, not a dispensary.. Dispensaries have set hours, and will always be stocked with bud to service your every medical need.

    So I don't know what hype you're saying is shit, but I still believe calis gotta be better then jersey.
  3. What were you saying? I can't hear you through all the bullshit! umad.
  4. Dude California is awesome there are beaches/mountains/deserts/cities sucks about the bud situation but hey at least you were by the beach :smoke:
  5. oh man believe it or not I actually miss Jersey :eek:
  6. haha well jersey I found buds in literally the first 30 minutes I was there. As for what hype Im talking about: everyone I ever talk to and what I read on here everyone says its so easy to find stoners and to find someone to get danks from. Also that dank was like the easiest to get out here. So far, it seems unless you have a cali med card its shit here. and bro, you stopped the second to last sentence just before the most important part. are you a politician? cause those are the only people I know of that bend quotes and cut them short to better suit their arguement. Also, it says you live in Florida. get the fuck out here and find some super danks yourself if its so fucking easy! god damn... and what bullshit? obviously this was gonna be a rant if you read the fucking title. If you cant stand the so-called "bullshit" then why the hell are you in a complaint thread? Fucking A your stupid bro.
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    haha i miss jersey too. that one guy talking shit bout jersey is stupid. if you know how to ask, jersey is an easy place to find danks. just expensive danks....

    also, ATTENTION: unless you live in cali or used to live in cali, dont fucking comment unless you have something good or helpful to say or suggest. cause seriously your just pissin me off more while im already in a bad mood. im not hating on cali alone, like i said ii love the weather and the girls, and though i didnt say it before, i love staying less than a half a mile from the beach and where the surfing us open is right now, but i do fucking hate whats been going down here in cali with buds so far for me.
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    I guess it just wasn't your day man. You're from Jersey, maybe that's why.
  9. go get your med card and go back to the dispensary. that shits amazing. youll love california after that
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    What the fuck are you on about? Fuck off.

    We dont need this! 420!

  11. Dude I live in HB and get crip nug off the street all the time. Your friend just had a shitty dealer. It's not like this one guy represents all of the bud in california. Anywhere you go theres going to be people ripping you off. And if you can't get a good hookup off the street just find someone with their card. A LOT of people have them here. But honestly you should be able to find good nug and a decent price from a street dealer, you just need to know the right people.
  12. What's wrong with Jersey?
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    no, read the post. i said im from scottsdale arizona. i obviously didnt drive from jersey you imbicele. as for my med card, its kinda hard to just go back to arizona to get a piece of fucking plastic that they wont accept in cali anyways. PLEASE READ THE BEGINNING POST BEFORE COMMENTING! holy hell the level of intelligence on this lovely forum has flown out of the window since i first joined in '07. god damn...

    We do not need the name calling! 420!
  14. Ever think the reason you got shit was because you when through a dealer? Who in their right mind would illegally sell drugs when almost anyone can get super dank and cheap if they get a medical card?

    I hate ignorant people.
  15. yeah this guys obviously the forum winner of the day... :rolleyes:

    edit: I'm referring to OP not you zombie.
  16. This guy should of drove 20 min south to Venice, and just go to the hashbar. Haha Cali is da shit man.
  17. im not a cali citizen so i cant get my card buddy. so i need to go through a street dealer. also, in arizona, street dealers sell better buds than licensed care-givers do so i believe your point is flawed. and my buddy doesnt blaze unless someone smokes with him so he never buys weed, hence having a shit dealer. and while i realize he doesnt represent every dealer in cali, hes the only one i know of so far, and all the stoner-looking people i ask on the street say no. i do have a medical card in arizona, though, however i can only use it in arizona. ya'll are fucking ignorant for talking shit and posting comments with suggestions that are literally impossible. as for the person telling me to fuck off, either get the fuck out of my thread, or meet me in person here in huntington beach and we can face it off in person cause i hate arguing over the internet but i love to fight in person. there is no reason for you to be such a cock-muncher towards me, i simply was wondering why this place has been so unfriendly so far. i arrived here happy, excited, and acting friendly. Im not even 48 hours into being here and the people ive met so far have been outrageous and beyond what i was told to expect.not saying everyone is like that, just the people ive met so far. save my friend, who moved here from arizona.
  18. haha i would but we dont have a ride past maybe 10 miles. i do love most of what ive experienced with cali so far, save the buds and a few select people ive met so far.
  19. I enjoy the fact you're so angry that people gave their opinions which you didn't like, and proceeded to talk nonsense. I can clearly see why you've only got 120 posts in 4 years, because if they're all filled with the same quality information you've bestowed upon us, it's better that you rarely visit.
  20. basically, i made this thread to vent and seek some sort of help, but so far, everyone is just reinforcing my newly found negative image of the cali scene. PLEASE just respond if you have something USEFUL, HELPFUL, or even just POSITIVE to contribute. If not, please stop fueling the fire and just resist the temptation to hate on someone that is simply frustrated at a new scene. thanks in advance :)

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