Fuck being sober

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  1. just blazed, and literally EVERY time I smoke, I am so happy I did. who else loves being high all the time?
  2. I like being sober....

    If im not sober the majority of the time, i usually feel like shit.
  3. I enjoy being sober.

    Using drugs all the time will lead to dependence.

    Drugs should be used in moderation. That is
    the best way to enjoy them.
  4. I like being sober most of the time because I appreciate when I get high even more. :smoke:
  5. i love being high, all the time.
  6. I agree with the moderation thing, throughout the entire day ill smoke just not in large quantities. First thing in the mourning is always a nice little romp with Miss Mary. I can't see how some people burn hard all day long everyday . Every couple of days ill smoke a lot with my roommates though
  7. ^ what she said. Nothing better than sitting back while enjoying a good toke :D
  8. Yea being high all the time is pretty sweet but it can become a job lol, at least for me. I like being sober for half the day at least so I notice some kind of contrast.
  9. I'm sober at work, and thats the only time, I do sort of appreciate that I'm not allowed to smoke there. Gotta not have it sometimes to truely appriciate it.
  10. like being high most of the time. only use mj though glad ive been sober from other drugs for a long as time cant even remember last time i did anything and my body is loving it i can tell much of a difference and dont plan on using anything esle but mj
  11. I can't afford smoking all day everyday.

    Sobriety is part of life.
  12. Everything is part of life. All one experiences in life, is experienced within one's own head. Why is a form of experiencing life (being high) not considered "part of life"? Why can't I make it part of my life. Maybe it's not part of your life, but that doesn't mean sobriety has to be part of everyone's life. No one has the right to claim that.
  13. Yea I mean if I were some lucky ass stock/derivatives trader and could just work at home making steady income I'd probably just smoke all day lol.
  14. i think.. you should smoke if you know that youl be asleep in no more than 5 hours

    if i smoke at noon, i feel like crap at 7pm
  15. I smoke all throughout the day but just enough to be a little faded. I get paranoid if I'm stoned off my ass.
  16. i'm not saying i AM high all the time, i am just saying i love being high often as possible.
  17. I smoke all day everyday and cant remember the last time I didnt smoke in a day. and you know what, I fuckin love every second of it. Even tho to me smokin weed is sober so either way im smokin good.
  18. r u everyday everyhour smokers all rich with $ ? , or create your own.?
  19. I hate bein sober..
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    Word man, I just like chillaxin part for my general day and super stoned when I've got time

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