Fuck Apple

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Unix bitch...
  3. What am I here for?
  4. Is that pharrell, d rose, or you i can't tell my eyes are so low but if i had a macbook the hd would help
    Macbook user here.  Definitely looks like pharrell 
  6. But why would skateboard p have a girl with a penis tattooed onto his arm
  7. Wait a sec that's gotta be a tail
  8. Pretty sure its a naked chick with a long ass braided hairstyle flowing down over her vagina making it look like a dick from a bad angle / photo
  10. Wait?.who fucked an apple
  11. I like oranges.
  12. I agree, the funny thing is people thought it was the best. But slowly and surely people are coming to their senses.
  13. WOW! 5 votes cast.....another HOT thread.......
  14. I can count to the number apple
  15. Why hate? 

    To each is own. No one wants a complainer. Whatever works , works. Who cares what others buy or use. 
  16. Why be concerned what other people use? Everyone has different needs and preferences and they chose the device(s) to suit. I have an iPad and an iPhone because I like the synchronisation between the two and the battery life and ease of use. However I only have them because they are able to be jail broken. But I also have a windows 7 laptop and a windows 7 PC that I've built myself and an Xbox 360. There is no law that apple or any tech company for that matter is always better than Microsoft or any other tech company, or vice versa. Choose the device that suits you personally best and fuck the haters.
  17. I dont believe this thread has anything to do with people using macs or apple products, its literally just saying fuck apple. And, yeah, fuck em.

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