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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KB_124, Feb 5, 2004.

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  1. I\'m fucking pissed.. I dont check my e-mail for 2 FUCKING DAYS, and I check it tonight. It says \"There are ### unread Mail messages in your Inbox\", where the # is the number. I watched that fucker go from 0 to 240. my finger is still twitching.lol.. least im to high to care anymore. just had to vent..
  2. hey kb! havent talked to you in a while :)
    have you done anymore jumps??? :D

    im thinkin, 240 sucks...i thought I saw 420 at first, and well that, lol, how could you get mad at that?? =D~
    but, 240, WOW
    yup we had a problem around here with that junk a while ago. I literally (stoned out of my gord, with -- what did it for me, alice in chains hording my mind between the smoke...think man in the box!) sat my ass down and replied to the shot shit..unsubscribing to ALL the BS..maybe thats what you neeeeed??
    cause im hoping you dont need to attend to all that 240 inboxed mess! aaaah, spam, yeah, get that shit outta there for good!
  3. Blcok them or install a spam filter. I\'ve been really happy with Spam Assassin. Works really well and has a kick arse name. :D 9 times out of 10 when you click the unsubscribe button in junk email, that just verifies your email address to the spammer.
  4. This norton\'s anti spam is cool as well..

    I only et 1-2 e-mails a week that I consider junk mail..\'

    I was getting 10-15 a day some times..
  5. hotmail\'s spam blocker works pretty good for me. and i don\'t submit my email address to websites when i sign up for shit (`cept the city).
  6. i get about 100 a day, give or take a hundred.. minus the take part... i hate them, i have basically stopped reading them, just go in there and delete them... all all of them... meh.. doesnt bother me too much
  7. 240 is almost 420...


  8. www.download.com search for mailwasher
    it lets u see the messages while they are at your ISP server.
    You can delete them before you have to download them. Great For 56k users. It also uses this thing that bounces messages back sayin that your email addy isn\'t working anymore or something .. GR8 Program.

    Keep Tokin

  9. hey Sensi, I did second jump last july, solo. That was great. I love how the jump gets your adrenalin pumping and you can\'t hear shit. then when you pull the chute, everything goes surreal. total silence. It\'s a natural high. Since then Ive been too busy. with other activities. Though now that I think about it, I\'ll bet it would be pretty cool to jump in the winter, with everything covered with snow.

    on the spam note. I downloaded a spam blocker, but am still getting 5 or 6 spams a day. major improvement though.

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