Fu@k(ng RAIN ! !

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  1. All this rain has really got me down ! ! My one and only girl is just about ready maybe 2 weeks and this rain we have been having is killing me . I keep spraying her with peroxide / water sollution to try to fend off mold and I have put a big deck umbrella over her but all that does is shield it from direct down pour rain . This is my very first serious grow and have done great if I dont say so myself but I am scared as hell the rain is going to ruin it all for me . I know some will say get this or that but the closest hydro store is over 80 miles away and I just dont have the time to get there . anything else I should be doing ?? and no she can come inside just yet ...

    PS sorry for venting ....
  2. Unless you are getting non stop rain all day, every day for more then a couple days, and by any chance its real humid out also, thats when the budrot starts, if its not like that i wouldnt worry, people are way to overprotective of those juicey buds.
    I would go out and shake the whole plant, or each branch one by one pretty good between raining or wile its raining just to make sure there is no water just stuck in the cracks of the leaves and stigmas.
  3. Good tip.

    I got rot and mold last year which was constant rain and humidity in September. Lost half a plant to it (well, not quite lost... I made oil out of it) and had to harvest the rest early (a fewbad spots here and thereon rest of plants, 5 in total). I coulda had a much better drop. This year is much better (I am kicking myself becuase I dropped the ball cause I was busy this year, started late and have only one femme in the ground , but she's a good one... I did have one other, in an alt location, but it got eaten by a deer withing the first few weeks); though it's been raining all this week, it's not really been humid in flowering time except for this one crazy hot sunny day we had last week. So I'm not too worried this year, never been able to leave a grow out this long before tho (lucky, cause like I said, I started late).:D
  4. I have been shaking it when I have a chance to between showers and lie I mentioned I have been misting her pretty heavily with peroxide ( not too sure its that good for it either ) it has been pretty much been raining / misting / foggy for almost 5 days now but there seems to be a break for this weekend and hopefully the sun will shine once again ...
  5. WHy would you do it then. Leave the fucker alone.
  6. Not true, Ive gotten budrot before from just humidity and morning dew. The mold spore concentration around me is the highest in the country though. Barely any rain, sprayed with fungicide every week, and I still had to throw out close to a half an ounce of moldy bud. Theres almost nothing you can do around here to prevent mold.
  7. if its in early stage of ripeness I would cut some lower dense buds....if you have em ..and check for mold, spread the buds of the cola apart and look close. I cut mine down due to mold few days ago, this weather is about the worst thing that could have happened good luck
  8. I mentioned humid weather in the post.
    Id say humidity causes the problems before the rain, harder to control also imo.
  9. I know its long over but I have some time so ...yes despite all my many efforts she began to rott, just when it was forcast to clear up . I cut her down and removed all the affected area's . trimmed and hung her although it was early and a bit immature she smoked just fine harvest was just under 3/4 of a pound from one plant on my very first serious grow and entirely outdoors . the trim and some of the bud made me a boat load of oil ( mmmmm I love that stuff ) all in all it was a rewarding experience
  10. Hey man,

    Sorry to hear, I have been having very similar problems. I am in CT , so rain here has been off and on for a week. Luckily I am doing some germination and a tiny bit of vegging inside before they go out, so my fems are still inside at the moment. I am constantly checking the weather , preparing for when I can put them outside. The frost guide says it still may frost by April 22nd this month, so I am probably going to wait until then anyway but I hear ya, too much rain sucks, not enough sucks, can't win, haha. Best of luck, but I would not worry too much if I were you, these things are plants, they won't take in the water unless they need it. And for bud rot , that is something I can not really comment on seeing as I never have experienced it.
  11. Bring them inside until the storm passes
  12. kinda hard to move a 7foot tall 8 foot wide monster in a 30 gallon container . but its all good this year I will grow many smaller plants ...
  13. hey man i think you are alright unless its straight up pouring for very long periods of time....you gotta think this is a cannabis plant man....its a weeed and it originated outdoors....these puppies want to grow and a little rain wont hurt them....(not saying that a whole lot wont tho) but also like they ^^^^ talked about the humidity is also a problem...prob gotta worry about that more than a lil rain

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