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  1. fuck morning fuck the president fuck the priminister fuck retards they make too much fuckin noise, fuck everyone reading this, fuck your mother fuck your father fuck winter fuck country music and everyone that listens to it, fuck the dinosaurs fuck the moon launch, fuck the middle east fuckin packys nuke the stupid fucks, fuck gangsters fuck the bloods fuck the crips, fuck movie theaters, fuck rosie odenel and doctor phills big bald fuckin head, fuck rich people youl all be fucked soon anyway stupid fuckers, fuck priests fuck god fuck jesus fuck buddah what poor fuckin gods we do make, fuck the pope and fuck the vatican, fuck cats fuck spiders fuck police fuck the courts, fuck sony fuck microsoft, fuck love fuck hate fuck REALITY
  2. fuckin trolls. :rolleyes:
  3. fuck dakota edwards fuck eminem fuck donald trump and his fuckn douche bag fuckn hair
    fuck the government and fuck you fuck
  4. Fuck you fuckin fuck. :)

  5. fuck assholes...

    you have some anger problems, id smoke more weed to help that

    or see a therapist
  6. Been watching the 25th Hour?
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    What the fuckin fuck?

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