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  1. When u meet a what u think is a good connect only to find out the 1/8th every couple days ends up being "more than he can handle" and he is completely frikkin dry. Dude...8'ers was Kuz I was broke. Fuuuuuuk

    Back to searching. God I hate this part. Makes a cabinet grow look more and more worthwhile to avoid this crap. What's the point of having all these tokin tools when there is nothing to fill it with?
  2. Something you do that will get the person you are doing it to extremely frustrated. Rustration. feeling that accompanies the experience being frustrated in your goals.Frustration-an act to obstruct someone's plans or efforts.

  3. I do not even know how to respond to this.

  4. Uhh.... what?

    I HATE when everyone I know is dry... like now..... It sucks.
  5. i hate frustration. Its so....

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