Fruit Bong!

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  1. [​IMG]

    Check it out! It´s a bong, made of fruit!! :D
    I thought it was epic, and I didn´t know where to post it, so here it is.
    Just wanted to share it with you guys.
    Have you every made a fruit bong ? I´ve made a few apple pipes, but nothing of this magnitude.

    Post anything related to fruit and mary jane in here.
    Hope you´ve all ahd a good christmas and may you have a happy new year

  2. That's insane. I've made a few apple pipes as well when I didn't have access to anything else. I didn't think it would work as well as it did.
  3. id smoke with her anyday.
  4. Cool idea but fake as hell, how would you seal the fruits together? Marshmallow fluff?
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  6. [quote name='"ajthom1994"']

    She has the chest of a 12 year old boy lmao[/quote]

    How the hell can you tell?

    On a more important note that is fucking amazing.
  7. Are you blind? Look at the pic
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  10. That's pretty fucking bomb!!
  11. Shes leanin into it like a mofo and I doubt your gf has dreads
  12. I'm an ass man anyways :smoke:
  13. I don't care enough to continue :p
  14. ill count that as a win for me, shweet haha
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  16. I'm up to share;) lmao jk but happy new year!

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