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  1. Hello all,
    Does anyone here know any technique to unfreeze the pipes?? Our pipes are frozen and we have no idea what to do?? We'll have to call the frozen pipe repair service. Has anyone here faced this problem?? How did you overcome this?? Next time how can I prevent the pipes from freezing? Any suggestions?
  2. You got to leave your kitchen tap on slow drip. If the water stays moving it shouldn't freeze.
  3. You also need to put up more info.

    Where are the pipes located? Are they copper or PVC or? Is this a trailer or a home?

    Etc etc etc.

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  4. Damn did anyone else think he was talking about an actual pipe as in smoking piece lmao.
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  5. Haha my boyfriend asked me if my pipes ever freeze during the winter and I totally thought he meant like my actual pipes since i leave my bubbler outside
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  6. I love it when new members start threads and then never respond back to everyone's input.

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  7. something about asking a girlfriend that makes it sound like a gynocological enquirey
  8. Hahaha Ive never thought of that one. which is pretty funny to me cause all we do when we hang out is make stupid jokes like that. Those are the most fun relationships, where you get along so well cause your senses of humor compliment each other.
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