Frosty Fastberry round #2

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    Well experiment #2 with MG Moisture Control day 33 with this beautiful Fastberry Strain. Already showing off her purple hues so she should look amazing upon finishing up at 10 weeks. Grow details as follows.

    Week 1-3 nothing but MG infused into the dirt. Very low fert content in this soil so pretty much all mother nature. Day 21 she was hit with ph filtered water at 6.3 with 5 ml cal mag and 2.5 ml grow by advanced nutrients.

    Week 4 flushed this girl so she can fatten up in her 3.5 gallon pot with 6 gallons of 7.0 ph water. Checked run off and she is giving off 6.34 perfect levels for phosphorus uptake. Final gallon consisted of 6.5 ph filtered water containing 20 ml bloom and 5 ml cal mag. More updates coming soon...

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  2. Forget runoff pH. If you get it right in the water/feed solutions going in, the runoff will be right. Stop using filtered/distilled water. There are valuable micronutrients in tap water that the plants need and use and I see people get deficiencies in their plants all the time from using filtered water. If you're in the U.S., we don't treat water with chlorine anymore. They use "chloramine" now and it's not harmful to your plants. Just pH it and go. Been doing it for years now with excellent results. When you flush your soil, you flush out everything in it that is there to support your plant. The feeding and total nutritional care for this plant is all on you at that point. The flush is generally done at the end of flower to clean the plant of nutrients or if there is an issue going on with the plant/soil and it needs cleaned basically. But get your pH in the right range if you want healthy plants. Proper pH of anything going in, nice comfy temps for your plants to thrive and the most important part of any grow, LIGHT. However, cudos to you for getting anything to grow in MG soil. That's the most awful "so called" soil on the market. No soil...just random bits of stuff and tons of nutrients to do the work of what should be in the soil....if they actually used any. LOL Good luck. Happy growing! TWW
  3. Right on White Widow..I have been growing over 20 years so this is my second experiment with MG to prove it can be done with positive results. I have noticed in the past that run off color and acidic ph can indeed lockout vital nutes signaling its time to flush. When my PH run off has been over 6.0 I have never had any issues. I always make sure my plants eat up every bit of nutes prior to harvest. My next run Zombie or (Currant Kush) will be in coco so much easier to maintain. Thanks for the reply White Widow and happy growing to you as well.

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