Frost Versus my plant

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by countryboi, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. So ive been growing my one plant since about the end of june, i topped it and put it in a five gallon bucket with all the right fixes. Its about 6 feet tall and just an overall monster. its putting out massive purple hairs and flowering real nice, but i dont really have any bud yet...where i live the first frost is expected to be Sept. 29!!! i know shes not ready yet and i really would hate to see her get frozen up. moving indoors is not an option due to size...any ideas? suggestions?
  2. i'm pretty sure weed plants have certain counter measures to keep from freezing and dying from a mild frost like how leaves turn purple and i think trichomes build up in defense of extreme cold temps. so i think if the frosts are mild enough your good and you can just harvest whenever you feel the weather is getting too cold.
  3. thats what ive been hearing, and what im really counting on, but ive also been told that covering with a tarp is a good measure of caution. Personally i thinnk its so big that it would be just fine if it encountered the FIRST frost, but what would be the cut off temp. i should be looking for? What point will it ruin my bud yield? Its a topped plant also, which kind of extends the growing period.
  4. i believe most plants can survive the first frost or even the second, you just gotta watch for real low temps that will cause a hard freeze, that'll do it
  5. So just to be clear, what would classify as a threatening temp? anything below 45-40?
  6. oh no, even lower, gotta get below 32 degrees to freeze man, even at this point some plants can sustain enough heat to survive
  7. Yea i know 32 is freezing, i just wanted to give myself a little "cushion" if you will, when it came to wats right or wrong. But good thats all i was really concerned about. up here the seasons are like politics, they tell you one thing, and something totally diff happens, so with all the time ive invested in it, i just wanna make sure it makes it to harvest. thanks for the feedback i really appreciate it.....Anyone got any good journal on the best results for curing? i was going to go four days hanging, then jar them and put it in the fridge for a few weeks...suggestions?
  8. pot plants are hardy it was 29 degrees the other night we had a frost freeze warning, i freaked out:eek: when i saw my plants fucking frozen! but mother nature has a way with dealing wiht her self and now they look even better than before the frost let them be you just have to worry about a long freeze at night all is good, and remember it is ok that the plant looses fan leaves it will live let her be.
  9. I like letting them go through the first couple of light frosts.
    A few years ago I was deer hunting where I had a grow.
    As I was sitting in my tree stand it was snowing like crazy.
    I got to sit and watch about two dozen of my girls get covered in it.
    Later that day the sun came out, the snow melted and the girls where fine.
  10. I am experiencing cold tempatures. It has been getting around 45-57F lately around my area. Last night it got in the 30's or around 33. I built a frame around my two girls out of some long PVC pipe. Had a nice sized tarp and layed it over gently. I hooked an 120mm pc fan up to a 12+ V car battery to keep some air moving. Cut some cedar limbs off my cedars and layed them atop and around the tarp (camoflauge:cool:). Woke up this morning at 7:00 and took it all back down.. I have a feeling I am going to be doing this for at least a week until they finish.

    I also had some ice on my windshield of my vehicle. But thank got my ladys survived. Although the stems of the fan leaves are purple, and some of the buds looked a little purple and some looked green. I'm not sure if it was a lighting issue or what, but I looked at the trichs under my scope and they were all cloudy, some looked amber on the stem of the trichomes but the heads looked cloudy.

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