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  1. alright all, i know you dont want to be hearing this but yes im talking about the frost issue already! The reason is that i know my plants are gunna be flowering real long due to the dominance in sativa (new purple power) and i live in new england which gets frosts around mid to late october and maybe even earlier. i have my plants in 20 gallon tubs filled with good potting soil and have been watering with fish emulsion here and there. approximetely once per week. and so far, the plants are very large. the tallest purple power is close to 13 feet and the rest are around 8 feet. I have one bagseed that is just showing signs of sex now and the rest have not shown any sign at all hence me being worried about them finishing before the frost. so, what can i do to keep the frost from killing them? could i just put trash bags over the soil in the tubs under the plants? do i really need to worry about a frost killing my tree like plants i mean its not like they arent healthy and strong like i said, their huge and thick stemmed. help me out. thanks.
  2. When the time comes you can rig up a tent to cover your plants.
  3. Frost, even a light frost for one hour, will destroy trichomes, the bulb holding the payload at the end of the stalk bursts. I witnessed this firsthand under my handhelp scope last year, 75% of the trichs burst under a light 2 hour frost. The pot was good but not as good as if I would have picked it before the frost.
  4. Not really worth the risk if you ask me. When the frost is here it's probably best to call it a season.
  5. Frost ?? What´s that ??
  6. Lol. Something i'm still glad we get--regardless of the complications it presents to the grower.
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    yeah man making a tent really isnt possible. like i said 13 feet lol. id have to make a circus tent if i want to cover them up haha. i imagine the bagseed plant will be nearly complete by frost but the sativa's wont be. i guess ill have to just wait and see what happens. i obviously want them best quality product but which would be better, harvesting early before the trichomes are ready, or harvesting after having a frost? what do you think?
  8. If you dont know what frost is I wouldnt worry about it. Chances are your area doesnt get frost if you dont know what it is.
  9. hes kidding lol. he lives in spain and hes gloating because he doesnt have to worry about frost killing his plants lol
  10. I am actually becomming slightly concerned now that I am seeing a few posts on the topic. I grow guerilla in Connecticut. Last time I checked the frost calendar it said my state shouldn't see frost till late late October. That was many months ago though. I would love to see that calendar or a similar one again sometime soon, however I can not find that thread anywhere here anymore. I also tried internet search and nothing of use came up.

    If anyone has a calendar that gives pretty goods approximations to the spring and fall frosts, pleeeeeease post it here or PM me.
  11. Don't let all the hype scare you. Jeez. There sure is a lot of apprehension about the place. Here's a table for you:

    Looks like October 10 for you my friend. But those are just averages. It could be in September and it could be in December. Out.
  12. I just found this one on the web, checked back and you had posted yours above dankohaze. Thank you, they are both the same list. Just averages. I seem to remember that the one I saw changed every year, or was at least updated. It was not just averages.
  13. the problem with all of these charts is that they are not very accurate. if i google my area i come up with multiple dates and even different months sometimes 20 days apart from other websites.
  14. yeah that one says oct 17 for my area and that pretty much means im fucked lol
  15. Instead of looking at averages, try looking at actual dates for the last five years or so. There could be a big difference.
  16. Absolutely right greenmeany.

    But I am British, so I sure do know what frost is, LOL!!
  17. haha yeah your just lucky you dont have to deal with it right now. its always a concern where i am. starting them too early is bad and finishing them too late is bad so im always on the lookout. And thanks dankhozee ill look up the frost dates for my area from the past years thatll probably be alot more accurate.
  18. I've been worrying about frost too, not tooo much yet though. Im hoping to harvest in the first week of October, going to be pretty close though. Im in MA.
  19. It may be worth your while to invest in some light weight frost fabric. If you have a plant that size I hope your installing some sort of trellis system so when the tops get heavy they dont end up in the mud....i would reccomend placing four poles around the plant and then wrap the frost fabric around the poles. You could install a little visqueen window in the top and have yourself a mini greenhouse that also supports the plant....

    I think it may be best for you stick to indica dominant strains next year to avoid this....i know...i know there is nothing like the high of a late season (mid November) Sativa...

    Let me know how it works out.
  20. will do man. yeah i figured id have to find something to tie the plants up to when the buds get heavy. i feel like a fabric would not be that great of an idea because it will make things very noticable and also a terrible chore. i think i may just let them go. im sure ill still get atleast good product maybe not the best i could have gotten but you live and learn and im sticking with pure indicas from now on. anyone have experience with "hash plant" from highgrade? thatnks for the help all and ill let you know how it works. maybe i can get some pics up here if i get a camera.

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