FROST advisory tonight in my Area!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by xxlawlerxx, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. hey guys up here in Northeastern Pennsylvania there is a frost advisory and my plants are not finsihed flowering yet. I still need atleast 2 weeks. Should I risk it cover them up with something (they are huge one is over 8feet tall)?
  2. go buy a space heater. Except that might cost alot, so actually i have no real help. Sorry for making you read this.
  3. i heard a bedsheet will work pretty good to cover them.
    im not sure how bad frost actually hurts the plants.
    im in south central PA and mine still have some time to go to.
    where did you hear of a frost advisory?
  4. frost advisory from 2 am til 10 am tomorrow
  5. whats the weather for the next couple days? >40?
  6. I'm in the same area as you and I'm letting nature take its course tonight. I have heard a light frost can actually turn the buds a nice purple color and not really harm them. Now a hard freeze, that's a different story. What we'll be getting shouldn't be much problem.
  7. you guys should report back on if any purple came to ur buds from the light frost
  8. i made it through the frost... put a sheet over each plant and a tarp over that which seemed to work. The plants are bent over but they still look healthy, no purple in any of mine.
  9. mines near SE PA, and most have tops that have turned purp
  10. I agree with the fella above me. Last year I let a little indica go outside till the middle of november. It even snowed on it a little. Didn't affect potency at all that I could tell. Course, it's worth mentioning that with this screwball weather around here (frost in the morning, 80 degrees by noon) it doesn't get *really* cold until like january.

    We've had frost twice already this year, but the bud doesn't seem to mind. Nice amber color comin on now. Lots of purple, but I'm growin northern lights, so I don't know how much it has to do with anything else.

    But yeah, I wouldn't worry all that much. Like patriofarmer said, not optimal, but I can't tell it's anything to get all that worked up about.
  11. I up in northern Vermont. I got up this morning to a hard frost and was 30 out. My plants are partially covered just by tree leaves on the edge of a wood line. I went out to check on them after it warmed up a bit and they seemed fine. Made it through yet another frost. Showing a bit of purple... then again they've been nipped with frost a few times now. We even just got 18" of snow in the mountains. People are snowboarding and I am still growing. Haha Just need a few more days...
  12. 2 of mine need to go mid nov. atleast to be somewhat done.. im on the east coast and at the end of this month its suppose to be high 30s all the way to 25!! some nights for a couple days straight. i think mid 40s in the day.. if i cover the plants with frost blankets.. set warm water in a bucket inside and heat large stones up and place them on top of the soil that they might make it?? i bought the seeds and the clone off of a guy who grows around here to and i know he let his go out pretty late last year to.. what happens if they frost really bad? can i still just cut the buds off after they warm up and still be fine? just dead?

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