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  1. Ok so after poking around on here for a bit i read some basic rules and such just to see what exactly the basics are. A couple threads said never front money or product. Well I've actually had more success with fronting. here's a story.

    So when I first actually bought what i use to concided a lot of weed I bought a half from this dude my buddy cop'd off. Now i was all worried of being shorted so I bought a scale and everything. So as I waited in the car all worried and then bam! Dude brings me back some FiRE! Threw it while in the bag on the scale and it was 17Gs.

    I'm not saying i've always had good experiences with fronting money/tree but I've honestly had a lot more of trustworthy people that dealt with me. So please share you good or not so good fronting experiences.
  2. What the fuck
  3. im just trying to say that some people are actually honest and if you've fronted an honest person tell ur story
  4. Fronted a dude 60 4 an 8th..he said hell call me when he gets. He calls me tells me to come thru i get a fatass 4.0 of fire
  5. This one time my guy fronted me an oz on a Sunday

    So the next day I woke up and cashed the check I had and went to pay him back

    The end
  6. I don't "front" anything let alone want somone to "front" me anything buisness transactions don't usually take place like that..obviously its all about the relationship you have with the person "connecting" you. I don't like oweing anyone anything or them oweing me shit
  7. tip: never front.
  8. Usealy I'm going to say never front, because most people are going to get ripped off. But with that said, every bag I buy my money is fronted. It just depends on your relationship with the person. My dealer is also my best friend and bandmate, so why would he rip me off? I'll be chilling at his house and I'll give him the money, and he'll go get it from his dealer. But like I said, I wouldent reccomend it, because most people will rip you off.
  9. No such thing as a "good" fronting story. It could work out, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't have been a whole lot easier if you went with
  10. dealer fronted me a ounce, payed him back 2 days later,


    but really i would never front CASH, i would take a bud front to pay back but fronting money, a real dealer should have money......
  11. For a month or 2 I was getting halfs an o's fronted from a good buddy. Payed him back everytime...
  12. yea every time i front i get fucked haha
  13. I am usually high when I front so sometimes people tell me they paid me back or that I never fronted them anything and I can't remember. So I might have been ripped off before. Fronting really is terrible though people are fucking pricks.
  14. I've been fronted before because I'm a regular and a friend and I have a steady job. Plus I make it a point to pay back on time no b.s. so yea I've been fronted by two people in the past and haven't let them down yet.
    Although some people like to talk crap because I'm a female and my hookups are male- I've heard people say that the only reason they front me is because they must be getting something else on the side- but I assure you they are not haha if anything they front me AND smoke me out (one guy even delivered the front which was nice) so its a win win- for me ;)

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