From start to finish, could i harvest before september?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bowlpirate, May 21, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone. I'm still not sure if i'm going to grow or not yet. If i do, it will be a 1 plant micro grow in a box about 2 and a half feet high and about 18 inches wide. Its more for the experiance than anything right now, so i don't expect a huge yield.

    I would need to finish by September as i'm most likely moving around mid September/ early October and have to have it dried and everything.

    I can get seeds and start from scratch by Monday, or i can wait about another week and get some ak-48 clones, or hopefully a clone of something that doesn't smell so strong.

    So if i were to get the clone or have a seed planted by the 1st of the month at the latest, would i be successful with about three/three and a half weeks of vedge, and about 7- 8 weeks of flowering? that would put me around mid to late august.

    would it help if in the last week and a half i switched to 10/14?

    Ill also be using cfl, i've searched for a bit and i'm thinking three 23 watt lights. What is the best light output or color to use?

  2. You could take that clone and immediately put it into 12/12, it'd be ready to chop ~60 days later and then take about a week to dry. :smoke:
  3. would it be worth it at all to keep it for a few weeks before flowering, or would i not notice a big difference in yeild?

  4. Huge difference. The longer you veg the more you yield (basically). With your grow space you'll be severely limited on how tall you can let your plant get but with LST techniques you could still veg for a couple weeks before you start to flower.

    Putting a clone straight into 12/12 you might get 1/2 oz, couple weeks of veg and potentially 5 times as much. Lotta factors contribute to yield, though.

    I'd like to see your journal. Experimenting with pot growing is great, I love to do fun runs with reefer sometimes :smoke:
  5. From seed, I would need at least 100 days. That would be an August 3rd harvest.

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