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    4/12 Day 1 (1st pic)
    magic! placed a triple cross of White Widow, Atomic Haze & GDP into peet pellets, just over 72hrs later.. VIOLA!

    4/13 Day 2 (2nd Pic)
    just got a bad ass cam in the mail. some nice macro shots from here on out. zoom in if you can.

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  2. will eventually get to the ever perpetual "today". till then, will update as much as i can day or few at a time...
  3. 4/14 Day 3
    1st pic - shot of both sprouting out of the peet with force

    2nd pic - a sample of seeds u see poppin

    3rd pic - the shoddy set up i have so far. super budget home depot style... in hindsight, i prolly shouldve ponied up for a 150-175mH w/ ballast to do it proper.

    also trying out some other veggies... "testing" my space.... seeing how viable it would be for cuttings/cloning/etc. any questions/comments, hit me up.

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  4. 4/15 Day 4

    1st pic - some nice growth since yesterday.
    2nd - the shot of the babies, with some chili's im testing.
    3rd - trying to cull stretching, i cant have a 3' tree here, start with insuring they dance in the fan as much as possible.
    4th - red cherry pepper, almost like its coming at you. you cant see it, but the soil is nearly dry, but not quite enough to water yet i thought.


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  5. 4/16 Day 5

    another close up shot of the latest growth

    all seedlings again, not too much height gained here, if any. leaves are def widening. i start mulling over transplating... hmmmm
    041610.all seeds.jpg

    unexpected long day at work, this is what i come home to. i knew i shouldve given those peepers some water. dammit.

    a nice birdseye of where my cfl's are sitting

    again the shoddy set up view here. note the cheap use of the inside of those "its a girl" balloons. hours after watering, the peppers make a come back!
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    4/17 Day 6

    not much going on today, looking at the roots starting to poke through at the bottom. today i head to get supplies, tomorrow I transplant.


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    4/18 Day 7

    Pre/Post transplant. Mixed them with Fox Farm Ocean Forest along with some Happy Frog Jump Start and a healty mix of perlite. According to some sites and people, i shouldnt need nutes through to veg with this mix and at each transplating. possible.... but im still gunna feed em. had to transplant some chilies as well. sorry for them being "in the way"


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  8. 4/20, Happy Holidays! Day 9

    she (hopefully) is taking well to the new digs.


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  9. 4/23 Day 12

    threw in a 150w HPS, lumen output is off the chart now! check the leaves just reachin for it!


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  10. 5/5 Day 24

    was away, hence the pics not being updated as much, just going to skip right to today. albiet with some background. Day 18 i decided to start LST on the larger one. You can see the beginning stem manipulation in the following pics. ive taken the "brace" off for the photoshoot. going to play with the stems in the next couple of days, then will brace again. Tonight.... i debate wether to top them now or wait for another set to grow in. FIM/LST here we come? :confused_2:

    nuting with FF Grow Big & Big Bloom, for now.

    any thoughts out there?


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  11. cool man, how long you plan on keeping them in the jiffy cups? I used those peat pellets to start mine as well, then put them in the #3 jiffy cups. Soon as I see the roots at the bottom I put them in 1 gallons for the ones that eventually will go outside, and 5 gal for the once I am keeping indoors.
  12. most likely until this weekend. still havent seen any roots poking thru.

    in other news... traded a friend some of those triple cross seeds for some;
    Space Queen F2 seeds (HELL YEA:hello::smoke:) and some strawberry cough seeds as well.

    not going to pop them just yet. will be seeing this one through first.

  13. wow, space queen F2's! I would say that was a good deal. you prolly gonna have a few different pheno's to choice from out of them.
  14. 5/20 Day 38

    its been awhile, i know...
    so im thinking they should be more than they are now. I can see the one im LST'ing but the other, the runt... is just that. its only about the size of a softball, bushy, with long skinny leaves. strange this is the same seed as its sister (still crossing fingers)

    Transplanted about 2 1/2 weeks ago, fucked up some roots when i got stupid and decided to remove the jiffy pot shell - could be a reason, but not for the runt.. she was a perfect transplant.

    had an issue with some nute burn but am seeing that quickly recover. the larger fan leaves (if you can call them that) are almost in the way of the side growth. finding myself moving them around constantly, positioning them out of the way but still in a place to grab some lumens.

    the larger one im LST'ing, ive got nearly at a 90deg angle, then nearing the corner of the pot, banking right.. soon to be ready for anohter bend. a couple of top shots, one you can see my softball i was talking about. the others, are some cool shots of the one im abusing to all hell.


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  15. Have u pulled the lights to 12/12 already?

    When my plants had 1 month i was a bit worried about their size too, but after swiching period to Flo stage they started to growing madly. Also after transplanting they can make a break with growing and use all the power to fill the new bucket with the roots, Dont worry u passed 1st month the rest is just easier
  16. nope, still on the 18/6 cycle and will probably for quite some time. with the one im spiraling, the goal is to get it 360deg b4 i put it into flower. the runt thats hanging out in the background will meet my 600w HPS eventually, but im in no rush. I plan on doing at least one more transplant into 2.5-3gal but that could be another month from now. perhaps just a few weeks before i put it under the 600. thanks for stoppin by!
  17. May 31 Day 50!

    everything is going well. the LST is becoming fun, bonsai like.
    got a shot of everything ive started with in the past 50 days to compare against earlier pics. the peppers are doing well. one fat one is turning purple/black before it ripens to red. the others are smaller, and grown outside. interesting to see the difference in the conditions they're grown in.

    my "runt" isnt really a runt any more. its SUPER bushy and now starting to grow vertical. Ive got a side & top shot for her below.

    my bonsai is really filling out at well. Ihave the main 150HPS shining on it from above and have a 26w 6600k CFL pointed & snuggled right in on the sides for optimum exposure for new side growth (when not sitting outside enjoying the so cal weather). side & top shot as well.

    no nutes since i had the nute burn a cpl weeks ago. just PH'd distilled H2O with a small mix of AzaMax every 3rd watering. watering varies but averaging at 4 day intervals.




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  18. nearly live footage...

  19. everything looks great!
  20. Day 59/60 discover what i think is balls, confirm with local gardener... the lst bonsai is a boy. pics up soon. these are gunna be preflower judgements, would like your input as well.... hoping my two experts/mentors are somehow wrong

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