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  1. Hello all I am new to the forum but am finishing up my 5th grow. I have been using soil for all of them with so so results. I stumbled upon this forum like a week ago and been doing a lot of research. A few days ago I came across foreskin on here and thought his bubble buckets and thought they was awesome and something I would like to try. Right now I am using a 400 watt hps/mh setup. I was wondering who else on here has switched from soil to dwc set up and if your first grow after switch was better. I know the dwc setup takes a lot more attention because of daily checking the ph, changing the solution every 7-10 days etc. Also I'm using technaflora nutrients and was wondering how well those would do in a dwc set up. Ok enough of me rambling hope to hear from yall soon. Peace
  2. If you got a big res and its a recirculating setup your ph will be pretty stable, depending on nutes you use of course.

    I only have to adjust the ph once a week.

    With regards to switching from soil to DWC, its really not that much more involved than soil but you need the right metering equipment. A good electronic ph meter and EC truncheon.

    You might want to try them side by side so you can see the difference. If i was just growing for myself i would probably just stick to soil though, cause you can't be the taste and smell of true organic bud.

    You should also probably concentrate on mastering soil, learning what the plants are telling you before moving on. Things happen faster in DWC you need to be able to see the signs faster

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