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    Chapter one.

    Hey everyone this will be the home for my 2009 outdoor grow. I have been a member on Gcity since 2006 but I haven't been growing to my fullest potential the last few years mainly due to work restrictions. I am originally from Canada but moved to Brazil 3 years ago for work. while in Brazil I had the pleasure of growing a few plants here and there but nothing special my apartment was in the city and venturing into the amazon to grow weed seemed a bit crazy considering the area of Brazil I lived in.
    This year is different! Once again I have been uprooted and working out of a small town in a southern part of the Russian Altai region (that narrows it down eh? lol) I had to take a break from growing but im back and more excited then ever. I had the luxury of visiting this beautiful country last summer when I came for my job interview and while I was here I decided to stay for a few weeks. I hiked all over the altais and me and my significant other camped all through the altais for one week, luckly my girlfriend is russian because my russian isn't that good. This years grow has more dynamics to it for me then any other year. Sure my job is a good paying one and I get to travel etc etc but Im ready to settle down and start a family. This years grow proceeds will be going towards a flat in Moscow and a more stable life for me and my girlfriend....So enough
    about the mushy stuff lets get down to business!

    I come from the old school of growing. I was taught by an old hippy by the name of Pavel (he pasted away 2 years ago and ironically was a landed immigrant from Russia) So here I am back in the mother land where Pavel learned and then brought the knowledge with him to Canada and taught me. Guys seriously this country is beautiful.
    My plan for this year upon pervious inspection is the good old fashioned method of shovel, tea and good old native soil. It was a bit of a choir to find everything I needed to start up a grow in this country. Russia is quite complicated and unless you speak the language your pretty much fucked. It took me 2 weeks to source out peat pucks for fucks sake! I went home for xmas And purchased 20 seeds from a cafe in Toronto. The seed bank is called Toronto 420 seeds. I decided to choose a strain called "Summertime Buddha". Along with Summertime Buddha before Pavel passed he gave me a bag of seeds. He told me these where seeds he had collected while in russia and canada basically the last 35 years of all the strains he had came into contact with. None were labelled and they were all in one plastic baggy hundreds. I guess in a way I have sort of an emotional thing with these seeds and if they were from anyone else i wouldn't even bother because i like knowing what i am growing but considering Pavel was who he was im actually excited!

    As I said before I have scouted some areas but I still have much much much recon to take care of which is why I have a month booked off in The spring. Last year I scouted a canyon. It reminded me of the niagara escarpment only in canyon form. One of my projects will be 350 plants grown in Grow bags and then placed amongst the rocks. I plan on using poly crystals in every grow bag, pot and hole I plant in this year. I prefer to grow as natural as possible but with the amount of land I will have to cover this year I rather be safe then sorry.

    Other projects include good old fashioned open fields dotted with plants straight in the dirt and natural spring feed river bank growing. I remember walking along the inside face of one of these canyons I talk about. Last year it was like seeing a tape pour of this fresh spring water and down to the countless natural spring rivers AMAZING! This is nature at its best IMO

    Here are the SummerTime Buddha from day two through to day 7. I use peat pucks and have ever since I started. No special reason I just like them!


    Here is a flick of my seed incubator. I have a tray heater and I place my dish with water and tissue. Then I place the mini dome ontop. Then I take another tray and place it upside down to black it out. Plug in the heat tray and in less then 24 hours seeds start germinating works everytime. Pavels seeds are in that incubator in the picture.


    Nice healthy Summertime Buddha sprout day 8 and looking great


    Summertime Buddha day nine. I also transplanted 35 of Pavels seeds into peat pucks.


    Here is my growcab. I built it out of some cedar and Mdf. The open area you see has a door that closes your seeing it with the door open, notice the circle latch holding the door open. Also day nine.


    Also attached are some flicks of the areas I camped in last year. The entire time we were out last year not once did I ever see another human or evidence of people being there amazing!. Also is attached a picture of Mother Earth blended natural super tea. I used to always make my own teas but after the experiance I went through getting the stuff I have, im not about to search for ingredients so I ordered this off the internet. So has anyone ever tired and? I am planning on using only this natural tea for veg and then switch to there bloom tea and end it all with a leeching solution I have seen online. Any questions or comments would be great until next update Stay Safe!:devious:


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    Flick is a movie. Pic is a picture. Did you mean to upload video clips instead?

    Nice plants.
  3. Bigtrees: Epic is right! thanks for stopping by.

    dosboot: na I meant pictures when i said flicks. Im originally from canada and back in my "grafitti" days when i was a young lad we would refer to pictures as flicks I guess I never kicked the habit, thanks for stopping by
  4. very cool...i will be watching this grow for sure! (subscribed)
  5. wow i would love to do a grow like this one day
  6. Thanks guys! you wont regreat tuning in for this. I started the thread early but its gonna be fun and informative! Im off to Moscow for two weeks so i wont be online during that time. When I get back ill have a nice update....

    берегите себя
    Stay Safe

  7. Beautiful scenery and nice sprouts:hello:
  8. What is the legal status of pot in Russia? Is it illegal just not enforced, or are the laws pretty loose? What seems to be most peoples view on pot from what you've witnessed so far? Wish you best of luck with your grow.
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    Chapter 2:

    Hey guys! I came home a little early form Moscow cause the weather was shit and I couldn't wait to see the babies. I also had a chance to go out and scout spots and I came up with quite a few good ones! March is here and the snow is melting away. Im excited for April since I can get out there and dig! This update is going to be a bit short as I don't want to bore you guys to death with preseason bullshit but Im still going to lay down what I intend on doing along with a plant update.

    I have been extremely picky when it comes to the seedlings. I sowed 70 of Pavels seeds and I have only kept 28 the rest I killed. The summertime Buddha's seemed to run into a few days of shock while I was gone but most have recovered. Out of 20 seeds I chose to keep 13. My significant others cousin surprised me with a present when we got home. He delivered a tray of 50 clones. At first I was amazed but once he left and I had a chance to look at the clones I noticed the were INFESTED with pider mites, even worse Soviet spider mites[​IMG] on top of that he informed me that the clones where cut 2 weeks into bud :( So it was sort of like I didn't really want them but I felt obligated since he brought them. So never the less I killed 44 of them!!!slow painful death....I placed the clones outside in the -15 weather! and I sprayed the shit out of the 6 I kept with the Russian equivalent of END ALL 2. The two strains Cuz brought me are KARAN which he informed me where all the way from Humboldt County and what he called in broken english Russian Blueberry Version two lol...I laughed when he told me it just sounded funny.

    Cuz came by a few days later and apologized about the mites...He also he has also promised to bring me 6 three foot russian blueberry version 2's and 6 three foot KARAN's. I am usually apprehensive about teaming up with people and I consider myself more of a solitary guerrilla but this guy is basically family and he knows the foot paths like the back of his Hand. Cuz has been briefing me on what to expect and to my amazement Siberian growing is much more complex then Southern Ontario or even Brazilian growing. I will go more into detail about these things when the time comes. For now heres some more pre-game action.

    Summertime buddhas finally starting to look like plants. This is day 23, 24 and 25 They will explode with growth anyday now


    the stalk viens are coming in and these girls look healthier then ever


    Russian BlueBerry Version


    Helpful allie in the garden, look close it has a heart on its back


    Well the grow room recived a little over haul. The incubator is up top and my secoundary grow cap is below with the hatch. I find it reflects most of the light while still allowing for proper ventlation.


    This is a picture of an area I am most looking forward to!. In the rocky mountain way picture it is hard to see because of all the ice and snow but this is a huge rock pile which I will be growing plants in growbags and placing them amoungest the rocks. Under the hundreads of feet of rock piled up are natureal ITS super moist in those rocks with top notch drainage. This will be a firls for me nore have I ever heard of this type of growing so im excited about it.....spent the last year rockkky mountain way! the bottom picture is just a flick of the vast open spaces I have to work with.


    Heres is a picture of one of the walls of the canyon im growing in, i will trya nd get some pictures with me in them cause these pictures really dont do the mountain justice as to how steep and how large it is but its fucking huge....this is one of the smaller peaks. again the snow is hiding all the nocks and crannys ill be placing the grow bags but u get the general idea


    Many variations of grow areas in this flick. The top is a large spring water stream that flows from the mountain wall as depicted in other pictures. The secound kinda gives u an idea as to the steepness of the canyon wall I have to climb but still its not a good example, and the other is just more vassst open space.


    Well thats it is for now guys. Thanks for stopping by and its not to long now...well basically another two months but this thread will get more exciting here is a general breakdown of my last month for all you apprentice growers

    Week 1: Germinated in a plastic dish between paper towels and
    Placed in a humidor hot house, kept at 80

    Week 2: humidor unplugged and lid removed peat pucks transplanted into 4" green growers pots using miracle grow potting soil with added fertilizer, tempature is constent 78 degrees. Fan set on a low speed is introduced.

    Week 3: Plants are brought from incubator to perliminary grow area and placed under a future harvest 200watt super fluo bulb. Temp is now a consistent 75 degrees.

    Week 4: Plants which show many roots tapping out are then transplanted into 6" growers

    Next week the big lights come on and mega grow shall comence!

    -Stay Safe

  10. Peddlin smut!

    Good smut!
  11. Dude when I was in moscow, people wanted like 2-300 bucks for a match box. Dont get caught with that shit there though.
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    Monkybiz: In 2003, possession of up to 20 g of marijuana, as well as small quantities of many other drugs, ceased to be a criminal offence. Since 2006, this "legal" amount was lowered to 6g. The laws are much worst for trafficing. 50 times the legal limt is considered trafficing and in most cases trafficing is trafficing weather its weed or opium (the the red army has the industry on lockdown). The gulag sentence for trafficing seems to depend on either which region you get caught in and how much you have. So yes the laws are enforced and no the laws are not loose, worse...much worse then canada.

    I have met many people in russia throughout the last year and a half and I have been many times.. it wasent until about the 4th time going to a major city like St. petersburgh did I get weed. It was good but nothing special but still good. People dont smoke it as much over here they tend to be more into chemical drugs like E, Speed, Perks mainly and I know many people smoke it over here I just think they are a little more reserved about it then us westerners.

    ELDiablo: Thanks dude!

    Big Trees: Thats what I do

    Malenki: Ya that sounds pretty high considering much of inner city stuff is brought in from siberia which grows in the wild (somthing i have to watch out for!) you can get practically seedless but IMO throughout the 1000's of years of inbreeding the potency has decreased dramatically and you are always bound to find seeds. The other route is getting your hands on indoor which is extremly hard to come by for a western any rate I dont intend on bringing my weed to the citys and no sense in worrying about it now!
  13. Can't wait to see the yield.. Keep this post updated!
  14. Yo, what's up dude? Nice to see something growing in Russia, I love the title. I'll be watching you for sure this summer. Check me out sometime. I'm from the states, growing in Germany. Indoor hydro, and this summer i will be doing a few outdoor locations.

    I hear you on the chem drugs, it's the same here. I think that is a shame 'cause all these kids are doing is killing themselves slowly without enjoying the mind expanding experiences that naturals can give. Don't get me wrong I spent a few yrs with a rolled up dollar bill and had a blast experimenting.
  15. Subscribed bro, Май ваш урожай, быть большим
  16. IndicaKid: Мой урожай будет много, как объем российского секси влагалище в Москве...verrrryyy nice! haha my russian is ok im sure you get what im trying to say. Thanks for stopping by.

    jzchillin: Get that outdoor thread up dude! I love exotic grow threads and i havent seen a german one before....and its always a plus when the author is a westerner! Thanks for stopping by! I dont do that shit but i will admit when I came to russia the very first time...I got E from this dude in a club and I had not done it for years but I did it and that night I fucked the hottttttest russian was one of the greatest moments of my life....the body, the accent, the was EPIC! havent done it since and dont plan on it plus im taken now:eek: its amazing how speaking north american english can get you more pussy in a foreign country then a Ferrarri could back home in North America.

    Calp: yuup its my full intentions to complete this thread from front to back unlike many logs that never seem to be seen through to the end and ill admit in previous years i have done that but not this time! cheers!

  17. wow dude I am already impressed, I am DEF suscribing to this thread, its gonna be fucking epic men. Cant wait to see these littles girls in flowering mode.

    KEEP US UPDATED! :bongin:

    Wish you luck! PlanKtoN!
  18. should be an awesome year for you Lots...definitely going to have "Lots" come october :D
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    Ahhh feeling the love from the city...unlike other boards!:devious: but who needs them anyway right guys!


    PlanKton: Thanks for the encouragement! all of you actually! epic is write..Bigtrees hit on the head best first reply ever!

    CB: Looking forward to seeing that hollands hope you have! and yes my friend I sure am going to have lots...

    I will never tell you cats exactly how much I am doing because im trying to make my thread unique and not like every other grow thread...Im sort of writing in like a story format to be differnt but as time goes on i will get into details and if anyone has any questions id be happy to answer. This year is gonna be big for me and im planning on taking sometime off work to do this operation properly. One thing I have learnt in the previous decade is that proper planning is vital to a succesful grow....go look at CB's thread he knows what im talking about. The magic number is large and thats all you need to know for now........I love Russia!

    Chapter 2.5

    One project that will commence very soon is my ruderalis project. As many of you may know it has been higly suspected that ruderalis is a russian landrace and from what CUZ has told me that is indeed correct. Shamans in the foot hills of Siberia call it "the one which the sun can not control" thats basically the translation...Russian sentence structure is soooo different then english so exact translations sometimes make no sense and trying to explain is useless.

    I will be studying landrace strains I find in the wild and may do some next year. CUZ knows best and he tells me to not even bother....he says poor people use land race in russia. So I managed to also bring a strain I made many years ago using a forum dweller I used to know by the name of GREENZ some of u may know him. I used guerilla gold I aquired from greenz and crossed it with white widow thus creating WHite gold. I through some seeds in a container years ago and just left them and this is what I came back to a few months care no nothing just pure mother nature...the bud was sooo sweet not much yeild because i am not a fan of GG and did not expect much from it but to my surprise it was some of the best bud i grew that year heres a few pics. So long for another week GC.

    White Gold! notice the bud rot in the far corner I left them out waaay to long because I never checked on them.


    Guerilla Gold june 30th 2006


    Early skunk and White Widow patch...White Widow is in the bottom right corner


    Stay safe


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