From PC To Box , From Miracle Grow To Fox Farm{Video Inside}

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    This is my grow I started in a small homemade PC Grow Box

    in Miracle Grow. I had problems with the Miracle Grow and the small space of the Grow Box. So i

    then made me a cabinet that is bigger and added a another cfl daylight bulb. I repotted them from

    Miracle Grow to Fox Farm Ocean Forrest! Before I put roots in soil i spankled some Oregonism in the

    soil where roots would be. I will be using Botanicare Pro Grow and Pro Bloom In this grow. Cabinet

    door is not fininshed yet but Ill be added a wood door in the next few days. Let Me Know What You

    Think!!Thanks :wave:

  2. Nothing? Damn!!
  3. looks good how old are they and is there 3 in the box?
  4. looks good man. What's the wattage you are running in the lights?
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    Daylight 26 watt cfl bulbs 6500k!! They are 2 1/2 weeks old! Three bag seeds!! My first grow

    One had nute burn so I cut leaves on one of the plants ,as you can see!!
  6. Just a update! I Got A 120mm 80cfm cpu fan for outake and used my two little cpu fans

    for intake! I got a small office fan for inside the box. I added 3 more small cfl 13 watt

    daylight cfl bulbs and 2 26watt cfl daylight bulbs. So that's a total of 2 26 watt daylight

    cfls and 5 13 watt daylight cfl bulbs. Its around 110 watts all together!

    [ame=]IMG_0541.MOV - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Finally found your grow LOL subbed :hello:
  8. well i don't have time to watch the videos yet but have a similar grow im trying to set up, so im along for the ride :)
  9. I think the small one went down to nute burn!! As i used Fox Farm Ocean Forrest On The Seedlings!!R.I.P.

    I took it out yesturday and One Big Plant Exploded With Growth! I was likw WHOA!!

    Im not sure if the big one Finally recovered from nute burn from the mircale grow i started with!

    But My other bigger plant is droopy! I use the same nutes and water both at same time!

    One is like I said ,exploded with growth and the other is so droopy! Any ideas Why?
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    are they different strains? Some plants love nutes some hate them
  11. Lookin good mayn,
    You gonna LST or anything like that,
    what strains you growing?
  12. Its two different bag seeds from dank smoke. Both strains are different. I want to lst. Any pointers on lst I should know? When is a good time to lst? Thanx guys
  13. IMG_0551.jpg

    This is the latest pic! One is Great And Other is droopy as hell!!:confused:
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    Great video - I only watched the first one. Nice grow too.

    Really good design. I like the Velcro.

    Suggestion: that single light being held by a piece of duct tape - secure it better. Tape will get hot, adhesive will weaken and that sucker will fall on your plants.

    Also I have seen different bag seeds do weird stuff. Really old seeds sprout slow, supposed good bag seeds sprout fast and deformed. I have failed with a lot of seedlings because the seeds suck. I am too cheap to order seeds. I'm in the education phase of my growing so why throw away money. I must admit my mouth waters when I go to seed sites.
  15. looks good, looking forward to seeing how this grow turns out
  16. Are you using miracle grow organic?

    Just wondering because I am doing some plants with it. She's super young so it's difficult to tell. She had a rough birth!

  17. Yea i have redone the box and have more lights without tape!!HAHA thanx for Suggestions

    I ordered a Cobra Flash Seed Automatic from single seed center! I just want to learn on bag seeds before i mess up my lovely Cobra Auto!!


  18. I started with Miracle Grow Potting Soil and it sucked!! Nute Burned my plants bad!! So I switch to Fox FaRM oCEAN fORREST. iT BURNT MY LITTLE SEEDling so bad it died! i may get the fox farm frog for my seedlings next time!!:smoking:
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    Did you get the MG Organic? That does not have the time release nutes.

    I heard Oceans is to strong for smaller plants. If I didn't have to drive 45 minutes I'd be using that.

  20. Does it have no nutes? :confused_2:

    I'm just looking for something to start seedlings with , that will not nute burn them.

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