From NY moving out west, tips from the blades?

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  1. Hey blades, my name is Ryan currently 20. From NY, looking to move out west real soon. I've been looking all around at job rates, cost of living, medical places, some other stuff but I think this is a good way to get advice straight from the people. :hello:

    My top choice so far is Arizona. CA seems too damn expensive to live in, but would be in driving distance from AZ. I'm into MMA and looking to join AZ combat gym. AZ seems cheap as hell to live, and I don't know about jobs.

    Other places I have been looking into are Albuquerque NM, Vegas because I have a lot of family there, possibly parts of CA if anyone can give me advice, and anywhere else somewhere that someone wants to chime in on.

    Btw, I HATE cold. Big reason why I am leaving NY. So I want to stay south, or else I'd prob be looking into Colorado seems great there. I want somewhere where it doesn't snow, or at least very little.

    Thanks bros :smoke:
  2. Take it from someone who has done the same thing. I moved from Connecticut to Arizona around 1998.
    Youre right. Its cheap to live in. Especially compared to NY. Gas is cheaper, so is the overall cost of living.

    I recommend the Phoenix Metro area. It includes Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Chandler. I dont recommend South Phoenix. Its sketchy.

    As for the weather, its great for someone who hates the cold. In my area, you dont need a jacket til November. Theres no snow in phoenix. Theres barely rain. And if you ever wanted to go to Vegas, LA, or Mexico, the drive is pretty managable. It only takes 2.5 hours to reach California. But Blythe is really boring. If you have any questions about AZ ask me
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    Isn't there a town in Fallout called Blythe? Lol
  4. Ive spent some time out in SLC in Utah....suprisingly I loved it out there...maybe a little cold for what your looking for but its always great times...but thats 2/3 weeks most not permanently living. But take a trip out there and check it out firsthand to add to you research youve done
  5. I am back in Phoenix just for a little bit but my recommendations would be sedona, flagstaff, Jerome, anywhere but Tucson and phoenix! Stay away from south phoenix if you do come and you will find the cannabis scene can be strange at times, especially when compared to nor cal or BC, none the less it is out here and there are a few decent people in this modern day thing about arizona is rockhounding and making money off it, good luck and hit me up (if I am still in phoenix when you come out) the way Blaze smoke shop is the best out here and if you want you should take a tour of Chameleon Glass just talk to the folks at Blaze, best of luck on the move I know how crazy they can get:)
  6. Hey thanks a lot guys! The city I was looking at specifically was Mesa. Good to see Lenny recommends that. Here is a big thing I want to point out, I'm a huge adventurist. I want to live relatively near mountains and great hiking areas. Is that within distance of Mesa or any places like that actually in Mesa? I'm clueless on what's city and rural.

    Also, what is rockhounding? sounds awesome LOL!

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