***** from New Yawk

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  1. I came on here because this kid I talk to, talks about here a lot. He's a Mexican from St. Louis. Anyway, I came for some new forums, to talk about weed related and unrelated things.
  2. How did your Mexican end up in St. Louis?
  3. Sup fellow NY niggggga
  4. I actually don't know. His parents speak Spanish doe.
  5. sweet. what part are you at?

    keep smokin buddd
  6. What borough you be at?

    Welcome to GC!
  7. i live on long island my dudes
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    Worddd... Staten Island here bra
  9. I go to school in the 631. Welcome to the city
  10. Little Toker, when you decide to do a paper on MMJ, click that first link in my sig! I've done almost all your research for you- it's all click and read! :D And to make it even easier, there are news articles about many of the studies- you can use them like Cliffs Notes! lol ;)

    And for the rest of you NY blades, I have a little friendly California challenge for you! Click that first link in my sig and just read all the titles in one sitting! :rolleyes: I won't even ask you to read a single complicated medical study, or even one news article- just read their little one and 2 line titles. :laughing: (Yes, this is an "evil" challenge- I have an ulterior motive! :devious: )


    Granny :wave:

  11. word i live out east
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    Me too 0.0 where you at?
  13. Stony Brook University
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    That's like 20 minutes away from me haha

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