From Magic Flight to Box Vape to Iolite!

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  1. So I just got myself an Iolite today and im diggin it. I started vaping with a magic flight, it was cool but the bowl was too small and it just wasnt hitting the spot for me. So I got a vape for home a box vape, it was messed up and burnt all my bud, so today i got the Iolite.

    “Does it work?” Answer to this is YES, it does. It's just an odd feeling if you are used to smoke a joint and then inhale through the iOlite. The one is harsh and burns your lungs, the other one is like inhaling air with a slight taste of herb.

    After 5 minutes of using it you will be still like, hmm do I feel anything and after 15 you will know. Yes, it works!!! It gets me as high but in a much smoother and subtle way than other ways.

    The iOlite is perfect for non smokers and people who just want to inhale the good and not burned (harmful) stuff which comes a long when you use a bong or smoke a joint.

    An other huge plus is that you can use the iOlite indoors with closed windows and nobody will be suspecting any weed smoking going on. And in case someone does comes into the room they probably think it's just an MP3 Player, a cell phone or a walkie talkie.

    This leads to the fact that you can easily take this vaporizer outside (please respect the law of your country you are living in) since it runs on butane gas (lighter fluid) and can be easily taken anywhere with you.

    oh and its super stealthy. Looks like a cell phone.


    anyone else got one?

    if you dont...get it.
  2. I can't tell which one is a phone and which one is a vaporizer
  3. I've been thinking about getting a MFLB for a while...I think I might just get this
  4. I got an iolite. I need to get the optimator for it, but other than that I love it. best $119 dollars I have spent in years.
  5. OK so you place the herb on the small round circle with a white square on it? Then inhale from the rectangular opening at the top? J/K yeah I wanna get an IoLite - I have a MFLB right now which is pretty sweet but I always gots to try new accessories.
  6. ok so 2 days in...this thing is amazing and a god send lol. Even half a bowl vaped in 15 minutes and i am baked. Coming from a guy who usually smokes alot more than that to get high. Its well worth it, u save alot of bud and money and its legit and stealthy haha im just using it in my room laying on my bed, easy as that.
  7. what box vape do0 you have?> sound like you haven't got a clue what your doing, oh and arizer solo ftw.
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    The confusion was too heavy for me, too.
  9. i'd opt for a n02 rather than an iolite, just because i like how i can control the temp with the n02 and it doesn't get as hot as the iolite does
  10. ^^Totally agree...I've hit the iolite and I really liked it but the No2 is were its at for me personally when speaking about portable vapes
  11. got mine yesterday, tried it with hash and weed

    it was awesome...high as fuck, bloodshot eyes from like 0.1 g
  12. i got an Iolite back when they came was an impulse buy and i do use it every once in a while its def not my go to piece.

    although its a nice portable unit.

  13. just vaped 2 bowls and im almost peaking...i love the iolite
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    you do know the new one is out right? The first one had a lot of problems/defect complaints. Some people were smelling and tasting butane which is the main reason why I"m staying away from it and it was made rather cheap the casing anyways. The average life span for these is usually only a year if you use the best butane
  15. it's weird. I have had my iolite for over a year and it works great. I have never had problems or anything with it, and it delivers every time I use it, although I know of at least 5 people who have had problems with theirs. I use it daily too.
  16. Personally i would recommend the launch box for people that want to be more stealthy. That thing is insanely small. I've walked down the street on vacation in Florida vaping behind the people in front of me.
  17. Yup for stealth MFLB is the way to go.

    Ive vaped in libraries, Movie theaters, Busses, grocery stores, Really anywhere you can think of i could do it besides police station white house etc.

    Although im sure if you got it in to the whitehouse you could find somewhere to vape and never be caught.
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    Ahahaa, I could never do that. I would end up wanting the opportunity to bitch out our president while stoned

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