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From LA to Boston [shipping]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jyacoba2009, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. So I got a friend that used to live in Boston, but now he's chillin wit da hippies smokin dank in LA. How stupid is it for him to brick up an ounce of bud and send it all the way across the country to me?

    or is it even worth it? like next-day shipping, it shouldnt even take be opened up and would be put directly on the plane to get to me.

    let me know of your opinions
  2. i mean ive heard of ppl doing it before...dont see that much risk if he ships it correctly
  3. yea i agree with ill. i mean its not like they have dogs sniffing envelopes and boxes and stuff. at least that i know of. and i no for a fact they would NEVER open up your package unless they had reason too.
  4. yee, mahalo all, but my friend who used to work for UPS say they screen the boxes
    does anyone on this forum does this? let me no
  5. Your friend should vacuum seal it

    Pic related

    Attached Files:

  6. They still screen the boxes and the box sits. They wouldnt put the box on a plane until the middle of the night so theres plenty of time for them to screen it.
  7. yeaa man thats sick, i'd rather have the bud beautiful when i get it :p
    so even if he vacuum seals it and sends it for over-night.. it'll still get screened? so pretty much its a dumb idea?
  8. what ever you do DONT send it by plane...which means no over night
  9. so than how do ppl get cali or BC bud? b/c from the east coast.. we get that and thats one hella long car-ride just for some dank
  10. #10 pdunny, Dec 19, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 29, 2008
    pm me if you wanna know a good way to do it.... im tryin to keep it out of prying eyes
  11. You still need to disguise it in something. Cereal box filled with cereal with vacuum packed buds in it, or a candle like the above blade posted or something creative.
  12. I love the candle idea. im going to ask my bro in cali that works at one of the headshops there if he will do this for me :)
  13. put it in a jar of peanut butter
  14. If you send it next day, it will go on an airplane and will be scanned by an x-ray. If you send it ground, it'll be sitting but no x-ray. If you can "combine" it well, go for it. Never ship via USPS since that's government and a lot more trouble if you get caught.
  15. So is regular shipping via Fedex or UPS the best choice? since next-day, it WILL automatically get x-rayed?

    but i like that hollowed out candle idea, +rep
    probably what ima try
    or the vacuum-sealed MJ inside a vacuum-sealed Cereal box
  16. that candle idea is tits. i'd go with that man, they sell some huge candles and it being the christmas season, it's not going to seem out of the ordinary.

    let us know what happens either way.
  17. agreed on the candle idea. besides, who ships cereal? you can pretty much buy that use a few candles, just hollow out one though, then it looks like you are receiving/sending a random present of candles...
  18. if anything just put it in another container like an empty shampoo container etc...
  19. dont use fedex or ups ever. they need no reason to open your package and usps needs a federal search warrent. if ups or fedex finds anything they report it to feds and u still get fucked over. but usps has a hard enough time doing what they need to right now and there not gonna bother searching all the boxes. and a fed warrant to open mail is sooo extremely hard to get for privacy reasons. use usps especially now cause its christmas season. the candle idea is great. or you can put it in a small box and label that as light sensitive material and not to open then put that in with a few photo mags and whatnot. just looks like package of film
  20. damnn im loving these responses.
    i'llet u guys no later how it works out (make a new thread)

    im gonna hollow a couple candles and fill em with vacuum sealed bud.
    send it regular/priority through USPS
    i'll let u guys know asap

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