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From bad to worse in New Mexico

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Totah Sam, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. It was just announced on the news that no state official will produce or distribute marijuana regardless of the law in New Mexico. For fear of prosecution. The state officials say that patients must cultivate and grow their own if they want it and it's still no guarantee that the patients will be exempt from seizure and prosecution. On top of that they will not give out any information on how to obtain it. This is insane.

    Here's the letter I sent to our dear Governor:

    "I'm more than a little upset and perplexed by the State's stance on not producing or distributing medical marijuana after the law was passed. Maybe someone should have asked the state employees before massive waste of taxpayer money and time spent getting this law passed.
    My sister-in-law has MS and is one of the few patients allowed to use medical marijuana. She is severely disabled and in fact is in the hospital right now. She can barely walk let alone cultivate or grow marijuana. Not to mention the lack of information on how to obtain the marijuana to grow it.
    I myself have Sarcoidosis and it's not covered under the state law. I work full time, have full coverage insurance and have never been on disability. I've been working since I was 16 years old. I'm proud of my work ethic and refuse to go on disability. I can barely walk and I am in constant pain. I'm taking care of my elderly parents on top of this. My dad has Alzheimers and my mom is terminal. Lately I've had to use FMLA to keep from losing my job during flare-ups. This is the same illness that people at ground zero during 9/11 contracted and are dying from. It's a horrible disease and I have been struggling with it for 7 years now. One of the treatments is medical marijuana. I'm not asking to be put on the list. I'm too busy trying to fight off addiction to prescription pain killers and the effects of massive doses of ibuprofen and the drug methotrexate which is a chemotherapy drug. I don't have the time or energy to worry about losing my home and freedom because the Federal Government refuses to see the benefits of medical marijuana. My sister-in-law started improving immediately after being approved for this treatment. It was wonderful to see the pain lines easing on her face and the relief she experienced.
    Now we don't know what to do. I can't get it. She can't grow it and even if we did there's the fear of prosecution.
    Why is this happening? Why was this not forseen? I don't understand. Where do we go from here? How can we obtain it legally if no state official will distribute it? How is this compassionate? Was it just a campaign ploy to get votes? That's the conversations that I'm hearing at work and around San Juan County. It was just a campaign ploy to gain votes. Was it?"

  2. Check Drug Czar Walters flight log. 10 bucks he flew to NM recently and had a little chat with Gov. Richardson.

  3. "Attorney General Gary King said last week that the agency and its employees could face federal prosecution for implementing the law."

    He's been throwing his weight around since the law passed. Because of this doctors refuse to prescribe or even discuss MM.

    Facism is alive and well in America.

    And why is it that upper class middle aged straight white men get to decide how we live our lives?

    I bet if that b*stard was dying of MS or cancer he'd be gagging for it. :mad:
  4. I thought our forefathers fought a war to free themselves from a King or Czar.

    Fascism is not only alive, it's thriving and poised to devour what remains of America's compassionate side (or the side they call 'pinko-communist'), leaving behind a carcas of 'Rugged Individualism' :)

    Right now as I write this, I fight back waves of pain, nausea and the feeling that 'you're not right'. If any one of these poli-critters felt this level of pain and knew that one effective therapy was available, you can bet your money they wouldn't be looking high and dry for it.

  5. It's not surprising, the same thing happened in your neighbor Arizona. There the people passed a law of compassion, and the government actually said that the only reason the referendum was approved by 65% of the voters was that they were " Uninformed".

    And those same stupid people re-elected most of those same politicians, the one's who had just refused to enact the will of the people, because they thought the people were stupid.

    The Anti- Medical Marijuana movement is funded by people with a huge vested interest in keeping it from the people. Pfizer. DuPont. Merck. Anheuiser-Busch. The US Military.
    And of course those Neocons, The ones who will permit nuclear testing above ground in your state, but think that marijuana is dangerous.
  6. Actually that was a benefit. I no longer need a night light. I glow in the dark. :p

    New Mexico prrotest march:

  7. Truth(about MMJ) or Consequences(I smoke, and I vote) NM!

  8. So far this is my single response from the honorable Governor Richardson('s cleaning lady).
  9. Looks like Gov. Bill is reconsidering and you may just have a leader with some balls after all! He has ordered the state to implement the program over the AG's objection! Way to go sam, I know it was your letter that did it!
  10. I just want to clarify that having state officals NOT produce and distribute medical marijuana doesn't really matter. California is set up the same way, infact all medical marijuana states are. Don't be too worried about this, you dont need state officals to grow and distribute marijuana in order to get it or be protected from state cops.

    In california there are more medical marijuana dispensaries in some cities than their are mcdonalds. California is a perfect example of not needing state employees to grow and sell your medicine.

    Anyway, i rather have a medical marijuana dispensary ran by other patients than by some state offical who has no clue about marijuana.

    TOTAH SAM: by the way i feel for you and your family man. Let me know if i can help you out in any way. It should be noted that your sister doesnt need to buy marijuana from a state offical for it to still be legal under state law. She can go buy it from a drug dealer off the street if she wanted to and it would still be legal for her under state law.

    To answer you question on 'where do we go from here?'....We have to take the fight to the federal level. Until things change on a federal level the feds will allways have a right to arrest legal medical marijuana patients following state law if the wan't to.

    I live in a state that has had medical marijuana for over 10 yrs now, I'm very involved with this topic and feel like i know a lot about it so please let me know if you have any questions that I can help answer.

  11. Sarcasm duly noted. :p

    Now, to actually believe that I'd be eligible to partake in MM therapy just for the delusions of grandeur alone.

    I'm sure my email was shit-canned the moment it hit the cleaning lady's inbox. har har


  12. Ahh... but we have a serious problem in New Mexico. Our state police. Affectionally known as "The Aryan Brotherhood." Picture Pit Bull Marines on Meth and that would be an accurate description. We still have problems with them allowing native peoples to use Peyote in their ceremonies and this is legal on a FEDERAL level.

    Thanks for the offer of help. I really appreciate it. My sister-in-law is going to be out of the hospital on Tuesday. She contracted a nasty viral pneumonia that's been going around this neck of the woods. Her MS is getting into the advanced stages. She has three children still attending school. We do a lot of crying. My mom is doing good. They have her on fentynil patches and that controls the pain. I'd rather have her on MM but she's a die-hard mormon and will never agree to it.

    I wish I could get a card for my sarcoidosis but I don't know if it will make my lungs worse so I shy away from trying Marijuana.

    We live near two major power plants. My sister and mom have fibromyalgia, I have Sarcoidosis, My sister-in-law has MS and there have been numerous miscarriages. I think we're being poisoned by our energy needs.
  13. most people in arizona are stupid, though, so its only natural that they'd elect politicians who cater to their own stupidity
  14. I myself live in NM, the laws are ridiclously restrictive but Bill Richardson numerously comes to my hometown of Ruidoso, not only is he PRO-MM He wants to completely de-criminalize it. (I've talked to him a few times about it.) He is actually a really nice guy. The only problem he says is that He soley cant make the decision, to many other Neo-con conservatives have a huge portion of the decision making.
  15. I told you this would happen:

    A drug task force on Tuesday raided the home of a man holding a state certificate allowing him to have and use marijuana.
    The problem for 44-year-old Leonard French is that the certificate exempts him from state law, not federal law, and the raid was a federal operation staffed by DEA agents and local law enforcement.
    Investigators say that French, who is wheel-chair bound and lost his legs about 20-years-ago, had six potent Marijuana plants.
    French is licensed by the state to grow and smoke medical marijuana, but the investigators did not know that until after the raid.
    The state recently announced it would let qualified patients grow their own marijuana, because health officials feared that they would be vulnerable to federal drug prosecution.
    French said he smokes medical marijuana for chronic pain and muscle spasms. He says marijuana is better than taking valium because it has less severe side effects.
    French says he worked with his doctor and the state to get a medical marijuana license, so he could smoke it and grow it, but now he says he doesn't know what to do for medicine.
    "I'm kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place, it makes me feel like someone says here's your drivers license to drive, and the first time I left the drive way, they took my car away," said French.
    French has not been charged, but the press release sent out by investigators Tuesday says they still expect to file drug charges against French, even though he is licensed by the state to grow and smoke medical marijuana.
    French says he let the officers into his home when they knocked on his door, believing he wasn't doing anything wrong.

    Suuuuure they didn't know he was a card holder. There were maybe 19 people approved in New Mexico for the MM card. This is JUST a coincidence.


    link to story:
  16. This irritates me.

    But here in AZ they havent even passed the law yet. So we still are gonna have to deal with the same issues, im sure of it.
  17. It's a bit more than irritating. When they prosecute, he could lose his home as well as his freedom over this.
  18. The feds are out on a mission, they can't get Osama, or control Bagdad, so they beat up on little old ladies and cancer patients. Got to love that attitude! State's have no rights in Washington DC. It is a Royal Decree.

  19. I've come to the conclusion that it's a ploy to discredit Richardson.

    1. These were Feds. If they didn't know he had a MM card why wasn't the city or state officials conducting the raid?
    2. Considering the massive meth and illegal drug trafficking in New Mexico, why was an individual considered a federal priority?
    3. He had six flippin' plants. It was a Federal raid. How did they even know about this? Oh, I know. The state registry for approved MM cards. There is no way in hell this is a coincidence.
    Bush will stop at nothing to keep his cronies in power.
  20. Prohibition STARTED in New Mecixo too... its funny.

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