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  1. Can a helicopter spot bulbs through a building using infrared tech? someone was showing me pics and said that it is possible to sense lights from heli view? Can it be seen through the building or is it just the heat vents that are seen. I know the windows and vents show up but the bulbs through blinds and the roof seems hard to believe. Thanx....:smoke:
  2. Check your state legislature to see if it's legal for the man to use infared as a means of search.

    Some states its an invasion of privacy others its not.
  3. FLIR sees heat. it is not x-Ray. it can not see through anything. how it is used to find growhouses is when a grow op vents concentrated heat out of the house. when your 2000w hps grow room is vented out out looking like you got the heat cranking in the summer that gives it away.

  4. Thanx to you both... I am just checking my grounds beforehand....Peace:D

  5. this is spot on...
    flower..exaust under your place..or into attic/crawlspace to solve the FLIR problem...they look for vent's that's about it..
    most states have passed the laws but i would def check on that to be sure..
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    Sweet! Thanx for the info Custom:D
    Here is the setup, 2 BC Northern Lights Boxes in a air conditioned room. There are no vents and there is only a total of 4 bulbs one is 125watt cfl and the other 3 at 400watt hps. The heat may show up on the window but I am not sure if it would be visible on the side of the house next to another. Anyway, those bulbs may raise the temp a bit during the summer...
    The Producer

    The Bloombox
    Above are the specs just in case you see something I don't
    Anyway,thanx for all of your replies and best to you... Peace:p

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