Frog Face

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by DaCaptn, Nov 27, 2002.

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    by DaCaptn
  2. a lil dark..nevertheless I like your sig :)
  3. Thanks so much for the reply! Yeah, I really don't "do" dark stuff but this "just came out" while I was trying to do something else...oh well, that's what happens when ya get too high ta stay put( mentally) but that's why I smoke in the first place...go figure:)
    Da"Stoned Again"Captn
  4. very cool Cap!!! i also love the way your pic looks in your sig...that border is are you making tis stuff...i like it...its trippy...

  5. Wow, thanks alot! This style is one I created by using mathmatical equations to generate a basic Fractal pic, then I took that into PSP 7 and used many of the filters there to obtain the finished pic:) I hope that helps:):):)
    Da"Thanks Again For Replyin"Captn
  6. I absolutely LOVE this pic........the more I stare at it, I see different figures and such each time. You definitely have a talent here. I look forward to seeing more!!!!!!!!
  7. I really thank you for takin time to look at this and reply so nicely! Yeah, it took a very long time to do this and yes, I will be posting more ,just because you asked me too;)
    Da"I Got A Ton Of Um"Captn
  8. Yeah, thanks fur da looksee and for da kind comment my friend:) I'll post more ifin you'll keep lookin:)
    Da" Stay Stoned"Captn
  9. Thanks Mon! It's nice ta know an old dude can still touch people with his "weird pics"LOL
    Da"Look At The 'can't handle it' Post"Captn

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