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Frito-Lay "The Munchies" A stoners dream

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lapse, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. yeah frito-lay has these chips out now called the munchies
    and well right now rankly to be honest i had the munchies
    but this shit is the best munchie shit man its got the shit man
    its got doritos, cheetos, pretzels, and sun chips all in one bag
    its like theyre targetting stoners... or maybe im just really high

    Frito Lay makes a snack product called Munchies. I shit you not. I guess they are going after the lucrative stoner market. Now this product has to had less design time for it's basic concept than Vanilla Coke.

    What Munchies is composed of is equal parts Sun Chips, small Doritos, Cheetos and Pretzels and guess what it is really forking tasty. The cheesiness of the Doritos and Cheatos is offset with the saltness of the pretzels and Sun Chips to create a crunchy addictive concoction worthy of Morimoto the Iron Chef. I will bet you $20 that these are produced in the same damn factories as it's components. Sure you can probably make this yourself but 7-11 sell it in just the right amount 8 ounce bags.. now that even sounds drug related.

    Chronic related snacking aside Anna can vouch for the surprising pleasurable experience that is Frito Lay munchies. I think it would be good with a nice Heffewizen beer and a funny Kung Fu movie.

    9 out of 10 Damn Fine Snacking!
  2. umm.. these have been around for a long time
  3. lol, i haven't seen 'em around here... i guess they're not widely available yet?
  4. that picture makes me hungry.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. If you haven't had these, buy them by the'll need it, I cleaned out a bag in 20 minutes after smoking grass. :D
  6. I think they're gross....I hate trail mix of any kind :p
  7. if they left out the pretzels it would make it better:).
  8. Yeah the pretzels make it shit. I always pick them out... unless im to lazy then i just dont even bother opening the bag.
  9. me next door neighbor is 7-11 , just walked over to see if they had those they didnt have any :( . Donuts are my favorite munchies , the donut shop is bout a 30-40second walk from my apartment, lately ill wak up around 8am go get some donuts come back and smoke and have choclate milk with donuts,....... mmmmmmmmmmmm. Then i go back to sleep till bout 12 and wake up feeling refreshed
  10. No way! We don't have those here and now I'm jealous and wanting some.
  11. yeah... same here rmjl... i guess now we know how sid feels without the deliciousless of twinkies, lmao
  12. oooh man, i want some of those right now! i'm in the process of downing about 5 brownies :D

    guess i'll have to drag my stoned lazy ass to the store when the bud kicks in ;)
  13. wow- I think fritto lay is walkers in england...
  14. the munchies is the shit and come on people they are rold gold pretzels the best kind anyways in northwest indiana they have been around for about 6 months but no one has them because all teh stoners raid them when they see a store has them
  15. Yea, I dont care for the pretzels too much either. My favorite munchie food is the onion ring chip things "Funyuns" and Sun-Drop (its a local soda drink)....
  16. if they put those mustard flavored pretzels in there instaed of the plain rold gold ones, it would make it way better. ^_^
  17. oh man those are AWESOME!!!

    up in canada here we got bbq ones too, they are sooo rad.

    i always laugh when im walkin around, stankin like weed, red eyes visible from a mile away, and a big bag that says munchies on it ;)
  18. well theres are very very yummy!
  19. Lol, I don't care what it is when I'm high - I have some kind of 'disease' that makes me smoke and smoke and smoke until I run out of pot...and of course share with my buds around me ;) So by the time I run out I'm so high that it makes no difference to me what it is.

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