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  1. Date doc here, ask away. Don't like my advice no biggy.
    If you think this is dumb then this thread is not for you.
  2. Why are you so special?
  3. It's hitch !
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  4. It's a woman. Female Hitch (Bitch).
  5. if jesus didn't have to get crucified, what kind of woman would he have went for?
    or would he have opted out of that rat race and just got a waifu?

  6. OP is 2 years old they probably don't need advice now lol
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  7. You don't have to apologise you can reply to any thread you want on here:confused_2::smoke:

    I only replied incase you thought it was an active thread :smoke:

    Also welcome to GC :gc_rocks:
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    yeah I feel your pain, this shit never gets old. But hey there are a few things you can do! Ditch her or his sorry ass, like I did (although I'm a man). I ditched the dude who just used me as backup plan. I ditched everything I had moved to Spain and am now happy. I researched beforehand was content moving here. The community here is super welcoming there are a lot of things you can see places where you can meet fellow members and just be happy under the sun and with Sangrias. So stop being whiny and just do the things your heart desires.

    You can find the basic info here: Gay Travelers’ Wild Adventures in Spain

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