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  1. you know, these days it feels like i'm so different than everyone else. i'm not saying i'm a strange person that hates the world, because i'm not. it's just, i like music no one else likes, i'm more passionate about things like music and movies, and everyone else's passion is about getting fucked up, listening to rap music and acting G.

    i dunno, i guess this is just me venting but it seems lately like i have almost no good friends haha. or the friends i do have, aren't really interesting. like... i was with some people last night and i realized that i'd rather be by myself than with them because we really have nothing in common. so i just sit there quietly smoking because they talk about things i have no interest or say in. bleh...

    i guess i'm just saying i wish i had more friends that liked the things i like and did the things i did. i just want to meet some people with more common interests of mine. what can i do though right? haha

    whatever, i'm glad i can come here and talk to you guys because most of you seem pretty chill. love ya, GC.

  2. Sometimes when my friends are all talking about sports I feel the same way. If I bring up something of substance it usually falls on deaf ears.
  3. You cool man?

    Just go to Japan. i herd that the women there love amrican guy damn i need to go there

    But yeah, everybody's different. Make friends with a bunch of artsy kids, find a hobby to immerse yourself in.
  4. Whatever it is you like to do go there and do it. You will meet people that likes at least one thing you do. You need to add some new friends that's all.

    We love you too! :love:
  5. thanks guys
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    youre not alone, everything I see flows with passion and I find beauty in everything. youll find some
    good friends someday dude

    edit: what I mean was, I treasure the littlest things and think everything is cool
  7. I feel like im in the same position as you man. I feel so different from all my friends and most of the time I cant really connect too well with them besides having similar intrests in video games and toking. But its all good man, be "independent" and meet more people. hope i helped
  8. i feel ya man... sucks to be in this situation doesnt it
  9. Intelligence is certainly rare these days, makes it hard to find like minded individuals when there are so few.

    Yet, with age comes wisdom so your chances are always improving. :)
  10. indeed man...
  11. I personally feel like a loner. I just graduated high school. Most people would probably say that I was the typical popular kid, lots of friends. But to be honest, I mingled in many different crowds and was just chill with everyone. I dont know if my maturity level was higher than everyones, or if weed broadened my awareness, or what... but pointless drama within crowds often annoyed me. Especially with the mindless drunken "popular" kids. I wasn't one of those kids who would be in one crowd for a awhile, then switch it up. I never changed my style or anything and I would hang out with whoever wanted to whenever.

    I think I'll eventually find people at my maturity level to hang out with regularly, but I'm not hating, or even thinking any less of my fellow peers at the moment, nor did I throughout high school. Its not their fault they haven't fully matured yet, you know? It's all science and psychology.

    So my advice, just be nice and welcoming with everyone. Hang with whoever you want, but never let them influence you or change who you are. You'll eventually find people like you, you just have to willing to look and experiment.
  12. thanks for the advice man. real talk:)

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