Friends with benefits...

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  1. I am not looking for a relationship, just looking for fun in the sack. How do I propose to a female about being friends with benefits?
  2. Whip it out next time you two are alone. Seriously. Just whip it out.
  3. make sure you have a lighter and bud too!
  4. Usually it just happens bro
  5. You have to fuck her before you ask her. good luck.
  6. Thanks guys!
  7. Don't get to clingy or let her get to you. Everyone says they won't but it does happen sometimes for the better but most of the time for worst. Eat that pussy right n she won't be able to fuck anyone else she'll always call you.
  8. Whenever i walk up to any of my girlfriends instead of saying hi i scream really loud "EH!!! YOU WANNA FUCK?"
  9. Well, you should be able to talk to her about sex and find out what if she's at least cool with the idea of FWB. Believe it or not....some people dont want anything to do with "benefits"....go figure.
  10. use the Naked Man.
  11. get her stoned
  12. Tongue punch her fart box. Then poke her in the A. Works every time.:D
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    If a chick wants to be your fwb then im sure shell have no problem telllin you.

  14. I disagree.
  15. So true.
  16. Wow man , i want those naachos in your signature space.
  17. /thread

  18. Really? .. Wow ..You must be the chaser .. well allow me to introduce myself .. im the chooser ..

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