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Friends that get fucked up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by struckwithfear, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, been surfing GC for a while now but this is my first post.

    I've really stepped back lately and observed my life. I look at the way things used to be, and how much things have changed now. I used to have many friends and we would party and smoke together all the time. It was fun, for a long time we partied everyday. It started out with smoking. Then my friends started popping pills, so i was like ok why not? I did that for a little while, but it didnt last long because i didnt just want to get fucked up.

    My friends moved on to harder drugs, became addicts and started wasting their lives away. Two of my friends had been working with me for a long time, but finally it got to the point that they didnt even show up for work days in a row. When I'd ask them why they havent been at work, they'd say they were broke and couldnt afford any gas to get to work. But i knew that we had each gotten paid a couple hundred dollars the previous day. They went out and spent hundreds of dollars just to get fucked up, and didnt even have enough gas in their cars. Anytime I call any of them to hang out and chill, theyre always out of gas, or spending what little money they have to make it to parties 150+ miles away. This is a daily kind of thing for them too.

    It seems like everyone I know just wants to get fucked all the time. I cant really complain much, because i had my share of getting fucked up. But when is everyone going to grow up and see the bigger picture. Im not saying this stuff just to talk shit and have people see things my way, Im saying it because it kinda hurts me to see these people i grew up with waste their lives away. I smoke whenever i can, but its been years since i smoked to get fucked up. I realized that its much more than that. When i smoke, i take a look around and see all of the beauty(or whats left of it) in life. I love getting in touch with nature. I'll go out in a field and just sit there under the stars. or even take nature walks and listen to the streams flow.
    I wish more people could learn to respect the herb like i have learned to. Use it to enhance your life, not control it.
  2. im with ya 200% all the meth labs, and prescription drug shit is crazy. the billions of dollars spent on cocaine everyyear by the american public is sick. it amazing we have enough sane/ sober enough people to run the whole damn show.
  3. Well they've made their choices. I was sorta in the same spot as you, with the friends getting fucked up. A few of my friends moved onto acid, coke, heroin, I just stopped hanging out with him, made new friends, got connected with older friends.

    I hate the term "get fucked up" It's just a stupid mind set that most young kids seem to have. Why can't they just use in moderation and not abuse. I have also learned to respect herb. I use it not just to get high, but to enhance everything, in moderation of course. I've grown up and realized it, seems like you have too, but your friends will burn out in a few years
  4. i know what your saying man. im like you i like to just enjoy it not be wasted
  5. i know how u feel i grew up with some pretty close friends and im the only one that went to college they all stayed and worked shitty jobs and started popping pills. i found out yesterday my friends brother died because of a OD and he was with my friend that night so they both must have been doing all kinds of shit. now i have to go to a funeral like 100 miles away this weekend...... its ashame to see good people goo bad.
  6. Bro what you need to do is have a talk with these guys face to face, and just say something like "As a friend, I'm telling you that your life is out of control. You need to stop doing drugs and clean up your life." If they still waste money and shit, just move on. I once was really close with this guy but then he started doing cocaine, and I told him that he should chill on the hardcore drugs, but he didn't listen to me and now he does heroine like every other day. I haven't even seen him in like a year. Shits messed up. :(
  7. provin1327, i have to disagree with your placement of acid with coke, and heroin. LSD isnt similar in any way to the brain damage you get from coke, and shiva.
  8. I think most drugs can be used to enhance your life, when used in moderation.
    I have a friend who stopped smoking weed altogether and now only does OC and coke, with alcohol for withdrawls. Im not gonna tell him how to run his life, because everyone should live how they want to but i wouldnt want to live that way. I do OC and drink too, but only once in a while. Sorry for rambling haha:smoking:
  9. I guess I put it out of context. I ment harder drugs. Most people will smoke weed because it's no big deal, but ots of people question acid, coke, heroid, because they're labeled "hard drugs"

  10. can you explain to me what the FUCK bump means?

    and i feel this post. one of my friends started spending ALL of his money on pills, we used to have so much fun, getting high, playing Halo 3 until we passed out haha, maybe go in the hot tub and watch a movie with a huge blunt

    but he sold his 360 and all of his games to buy fucking percoset (spelling?)

    it sucks, and ive only done pills twice, enjoyed it, but decided that pills were simply unnatural and unHoly, unlike Herb
  11. yeah, at first i thought that would do some good. but when i try to talk to them about it or anything, they go all hippie and act like they use drugs to enhance their lives. then they agree with everything i say as if i dont know how they are with drugs lol. they are the guys that got me to try pills, coke, meth and all kinds of drugs. but i quit talking to them. havent heard from them in almost a month and im glad. I'll stick with my herb and enjoy life for what it is.
    cheers and happy toking.
  12. i agree i usaully am not a acid guy done it twice and did percs once but id rather do stuff more oganic like weed, salvia, mushrooms, blue lotus, stuff like that it seems more natural and better for u than a man made chemical.

  13. The government and propagandists label LCD as a hard drug.

  14. its posting in a thread to get it back to the top of the list so people see it.

    i guess after i posted this yeterday it took a whole day for it to show up, so no one saw it.
  15. Good, good....
    BriMan, bump means that he wanted to bump his thread to the top of the list by giving a new post, so that more people would read it and then comment on it.
  16. yeah, and it sucks cause one of them just traded their car for drugs just for a quick fix lol.

    hes a regular at the pawn shop too lol.
  17. I agree 100% everyone I know is the same way! Pills, coke, and other drugs are even easier to find than weed these days. My "friends" are always trying to get me to take a methadone pill or xanax or pain pills and they do this all day every day. I mean yea ive taken a few pills but I realised the chemical high just doesnt feel right... I only like the natural stuff, and thats weed only for me.
  18. yea i know somebody who pawned his drum set and 3 of his guitars for some heroin

  19. Acid has nothing to do with coke or heroin, at all.

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