Friends of mine in a rap group

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  1. So my buddies are pretty big into hip-hop and have made a few CDs. Lemme know what you guys think. :D:smoke:

    One of there more popular songs.

    [ame=""]Yung Ave Boyz "Collard" - YouTube[/ame]

  2. it's really fucking terrible, simple and stereotypical, and i hate that they call their weed loud. but that's not a bad thing for them because that's what's popular in hip hop these days and will probably gain them popularity.

  3. I personally never thought they were that good, and yeah I totally agree the lyrics are pretty basic and just rap about weed, bitches and money. Still sounds pretty decent though. :rolleyes:
  4. Not feelin em at all, one of there more popular songs and its put together like a PB N J.
  5. There newest song release :|

    [ame=]Yung Ave Boyz "Big Spender" ft. Sunny Dope & LeviCash - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Not feeling it man, beats aren't going through me and all the vocals sound effortless, not trying to be a dick, just trying to be honest

    Thats just me though, i can't stand todays hip hop and thats probably why i don't feel this, a catchy beat is vital and this lacks it, they all sound too familiar perhaps if they tried experimenting with their voices a little to get their own sound
  7. Sounds nice man. They are talented.
  8. Thanks for the input, constructive criticism is always welcome. They seem to be getting booked for quite a few local shows, unfortunately I haven't been able to go to one yet. I definitely feel there music is getting better though.
  9. Damn their awful..

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