Friends named Eric

Discussion in 'General' started by bahookahjoe18, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I have a friend named Eric. He's awesome, and we smoke in his basement all the time.

    Any other Blades have stoner friends named Eric?

  2. My name's Erik. With a "K". Word.
  3. yea my friend down the street name is eric and we have smoked in his basement. i never thought how ironic that was untill now
  4. Knew an Eric with garage, funny how that works out, he never left the garage, even after high school, sad.
  5. Eric is a friend of mine kinda, 18 about to have a kid too.

    Don't know any other Erics really.
  6. The only Eric I know is a really rich white kid who absolutely denies his money and his race.
    He swears he's black and despite getting beat up for saying ni**a to a black person, still seems to believe he's making the right choices in life.
  7. I have a cousin named Eric, we're not friends tho he's a douche
  8. I had a good friend named Eric when I was growing up. We smoked each other out all the time. :smoke:

    His friends called him by his last name. I miss that guy.

    Sup Bell?? :wave:
  9. LOL i just need to post in this thread.
  10. I know someone named Eric that I see maybe once every two weeks.
  11. Me and Eric like to jam together. He plays some damn funky bass. I love that guy.
  12. There's an Eric on this forum and he's a big fat meanie!!!
  13. [quote name='"Mister Anderson"']There's an Eric on this forum and he's a big fat meanie!!![/quote]

    No, he's misunderstood! You will learn to love him
  14. My name is Eric. I had a teacher in high school who called me Eric Foreman all the time. Probably because I'm a scrawny dork.
  15. My name is Eric.

    Its kind of weird reading all these posts with my name.

  16. Or maybe because you were a DUMBASS!



  17. i had you pegged as an Eric.

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