Friends mom found my blunt tube!

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    Okay so I'll try to make this as short as I can. The other day my friend J's mom called me up and asked me if I wanted to do some community service for graduation. I'm currently helping my friends grandma do stuff she can't normally do on her own( landscaping, lifting heavy things,etc). Well before I left my house I rolled a blunt and smoked about 1/4 of it and felt pretty nice, I then proceeded to put it in my tube and thought to myself i would just smoke the rest later on when I hang out with J, keep in mind I refuse to smoke with J out of respect due to his parents( can't handle the herb, gets himself in trouble with the law) and both of his parents also smoke bud. Well I'm raking leaves and J's mom kindly decided to give me a hand. Then I realize I dropped my blunt tube! At this point I'm literally shitting myself hoping I come across it before she does. A few minutes later she goes "hey is this yours" while she opens the tube and pulls out my blunt. I nod then she kindly gives it back to me. This was a very awkward situation and I've never found myself get caught in something like this. Now that she knows that I'm a pretty functional stoner how should I bring the subject up to her? She is really laid back and I would really love to smoke her out sometime. I was way to puss to ask right then and there I was way too caught up in the moment of her finding my blunt.

    Tldr; doing yardwork for my friends grandma. Friends mom helps me, then finds my blunt tube that I was carrying on me and kindly gives it back. Now I want to blaze with her but don't know how to go about asking.
  2. ask her if she wants the D
  3. I'm only 18 man I don't dig 40 year olds :S
  4. thats where all the experience is at ;)
    cougars know whats best
  5. She'll show you things, man.
    She will show you things
  6. It already happened, wait till the next time you can sneak it in.

  7. Not sure if I like where this is going :eek:
  8. I would for sure tap that cougar...
  9. Milk that cougar dry once your done move on to the father
  10. I've never bought a blunt in a tube. hmm
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    your helping them out how mad could she be hahaha i woulda asked her if she wanted a hit.. then proceed to tap that
  12. cougars are where its at homie
  13. I already knew the responses that would be in this thread. Gets me everytime

  14. Maybe I should have been more prepared lol
  15. let her "find" your other blunt tube, that'll keep her quiet :laughing:
  16. When she handed you the blunt tube you missed the opportunity to hand her your dick thats what you were supposed to do
  17. Don't do it. She is gonna wAnna bang

  18. Cougars are hot. If they are. If they're old and raggy, then don't be hoppin on it. :smoke:
  19. lol this thread reminded me of this.. Heard it on howard stern the otha day lol..

    [ame=]Cougar Life Commercial - YouTube[/ame]

    cougars ftw :devious:

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