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Friends making fun of me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kim01, Apr 4, 2016.

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    So I started smoking weed about 3-4 months ago. Since then I've only smoked marijuana occasionally (couple times a month), but it is something I really enjoy. About a month ago, this cool guy I'd been hanging out with invited a couple of my friends and I to come smoke with him sometime during the week. Up to that point, I'd only done weed 3 times (2 times with edibles and once actually smoking from a pipe). We got lunch and then went to a parking lot to smoke some of his stash. So this guy pulls out his acrylic bong, and this thing is pretty damn big (don't know the exact size but it was a solid foot or two long). He and my friend take a huge toke, and he packs another bowl for me. I take a pretty big rip, and pass it along to the next guy. So at this point I'm waiting for the bong to come around again, and I haven't started to feel the high quite yet. My friend just finished taking another hit, and he passes it along to me. Just as I take the bong from him it hits me. Now I don't know if up to that point I'd been smoking dirt weed or not inhaling right or what, but that was the strongest high I'd ever experienced. So then I started kinda freaking out because I've never been this high before, and I keep telling them to pass me and give it to the next guy. At that point everyone's trying to push me to rip another, saying shit like, "you're not really that high" or "you'll come down quick" blah blah blah. I might of done more, but I was also really scared at that moment because I had to be at a class in like 30 minutes, and being high at a lecture was not something I wanted to do. So I'm kinda just staying in the car freaking out and telling myself I'm too high or whatever while they smoke like 6 more bowls. After that we drove back and I went to class without any problems. I had calmed down by then and whatnot, but the day after the roasting commenced. My friends called me a lightweight, pussy, fag, etc. I figured they would forget about it in a week or two and I would let them have their fun teasing me or whatever. Now its been almost a month since the incident and they still haven't stopped. It's really making me self conscious and that's all they'll talk about. They're a nice group of guys and all but in all honesty they've just been a bunch of dicks lately. How can I get them to stop or "prove myself" again? Also, am I really a lightweight or is it possible I haven't built up a tolerance to weed yet? Thanks dudes!
  2. How old are you and your friends?
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  3. 21 and older
  4. Ah, peer pressure. Never a goodie. No worries though, a lesson learned is always invaluable. You have nothing to prove mate, just keep being yourself and don't stoop to pettiness, ie trying to one up these guys or get back at them, it's pointless and silly. Let them laugh it out, it'll become boring soon enough, and if it doesn't, alls it is, is evidence of immaturity. Nothing to concern yourself with, just do you. You really think these guys were ripping six bowls straight on their first few tokes?! :p Keep toking if you like, with them, with yourself, with us. The true tokers (down-to-earth, chill, good people) always find each other in the end. What's the saying... Birds of a feather flock together.

    You're tolerance will be minimal (although you may be a lightweight too, in which case - congratulations!! :D)
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  5. Ahh, I remember my first time where it finally hit me. Don't take it for granted dude, I would do anything to have my tolerance that low again (besides take a t-break). What I learned is to let people come to me, if they're being jackoffs, just stop hanging out with them. Either that or slap em in the dick.
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  6. i always wished i was a lightweight... :( its a good thing to be like that
  7. Stop being the PC principle and grow a pair. Just wait till someone in your group messes up, then lay into them and give em hell
  8. Lol you freaked and your friends rag on you. Stop worrying and toke on. Years down the road your gonna laugh at yourself about it. And it isn't about giant rips, it's about enjoying yourself and relaxing someone one tells you to do a fat rip and you can't do it don't lol.

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  9. I find it best to chillax in a dark room and get acclimated to different strains - there's sativa, indica, and hybrids. Check out for many many reviews from user and an analysis of each strain by Leafly. For instance, I wouldn't do Purple Kush before a class. It's almost impossible to stay on one train of thought. The real deal for your sitch would be a sativa such as Sour Diesel. And yeah, you have to build up a certain tolerance before you get to where you can talk yourself down from a scary high.

    Happy, Safe, Legal toking to you!
  10. Live, laugh, love brother. Don't let the little thing's bother you.

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  11. IMO you "proved yourself" when you resisted pressure and stopped before you became unable to go to class. Always have your own bag and your friends will stop laughing soon enough and if they don't well, you have your own bag. You did say you were 21, time to man up and buy your own. And how did you get that old without smoking?
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  12. He was going on 16. He outed himself in another thread. He is suspended for 2 1/2 years.

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  13. He says he's 26 on his profile....
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  14. If your so called "friends" call you pussy and a fag you need to knock the closest one the fuck out. To be that age and disrespect you is just unacceptable.
  15. fuck your asshole friends first off.
    only smoke as much as youre comfortable with. They think their the shit with their crappy acrylic bong.. psh
  16. You don't have to prove shit. You don't have a tolerance, if they think theyre better than you simply for smoking more than they are stupid. I could out smoke them all but im not going to spend a month calling them a pussy... next time they bring it up don't be a coward and tell them to shut the fuck up, its not a contest for who can smoke the most.
  17. Damn ICG back at it again with the detective work
  18. I do this all the time. I have really strong bud and really low tolerance. One rip out of my bong (2 from my pipe) is all it takes to give me 3 or more hours of intense high. I always smoke that much and no more and every time I get exactly the feeling I want without overdoing it while waiting for it to kick in.

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